Legendary Shirts:Dynamo Kiev


Founded in 1927 FC Dynamo Kiev is the most successful club in the Ukraine and it was the record champion of the USSR with 13 titles and also includes 9 Soviet Cups and 3 Soviet Super Cups.However besides the success during the Soviet era the club appeared in one of the most darkest periods of the 20th Century when the Nazis occupied Ukraine the team was forced to play a match against the soldiers of Nazi Germany,later dubbed “The Death Match” where three players of the team were executed by the Nazis and others were forced to work in concentration camps.Dynamo took the stage of Soviet football beginning in 1961 when won its first title later followed by three more titles in the late 1960s,but it is under legendary coach Valerij Lobanovski and striker Oleg Blokhin that Dynamo experienced European glory by winning the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1975 and 1982 which also included a victory against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Super Cup on Bayern’s Olympiastadion,while on the domestic field it won 8 titles of the Soviet Top League through the 1970s and 1980s. After the dissolution of the USSR Dynamo began to compete in the Ukrainian Premier League where during the 1990s won nine titles in a row until the emergence of Shakthar Donetsk in the early 2000s.Currently Dynamo Kiev is the reigning champion of the Ukraine and the current holder of the Ukrainian Cup.In Europe Dynamo has been less successful however reached the semifinal of the UEFA Champions League in 1999 and the UEFA Cup in 2009.

Dynamo Kiev 1975

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