Legendary Shirts:Coventry City FC

coventry city 1981 home shirt

Probably one of the most iconic football shirts of the 1980s was made for Coventry City FC besides the sky blues from West Midlands didn’t won any major trophy except the 1987 FA Cup and are currently playing in Division One (third tier).The idea for the shirt came from former Coventry City chairman Jimmy Hill who in 1981 was the first chairman to introduce sponsorships on shirts in England.That caused controversy in England since sponsors were banned on football shirts in that time,but it was a revolutionary move proved too risky by a small club.Hill also had planned to changed name of Coventry City to Coventry Talbot,but the Football League vetoed such plan.Bored by constant legal battles,Talbot in 1983 ended every association with the club,but in the same time the FA allowed sponsorships to appear on football shirts.Regardless that the shirt remained for two season,it became iconic and constantly polls amongs the best old football shirts ever made,but for collectors is a must have.


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