Legendary Shirts:Matra Racing


One of the most notorius examples of investment failure in football clubs came from France.Founded in 1902 as Racing Club de France it is a subject of constant name changes,on the field its best period was in the 1930s and 1940s when it won a Division 1 title and 5 French Cups,however financial problems in later decades meant playing in lower divisions until 1982 when ambitious businessman Jean-Luc Legardere who wanted another Parisian team in the French 1st division besides PSG which was a member of Division 1 since 1974,the club changed its name to Racing Club Paris and began to climb to the Division 1 in 1986.With strong finances Legardere was determined to lead the club in European competitions and changed the name of the club to Matra Racing in 1987,however with overspending on transfers and salaries combined with constant criticism by journalists as well with a lack of fan support,Legardere’s ambitions imploded in 2 seasons,by the time Legardere invested more than 300 million French francs the club was in a state of bankrupcy and it was looking to avoid relegation which came after Legardere pulled his support from the club.In the last 25 years the club went to a number of name changes,as well it had financial problems which forced them to play in the 6th tier of French football where they are today.

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