Legendary Shirts:GDR Away


One of the most legendary shirts of the 1970s and still to this day has a cult status in former Eastern Germany and another must have for collectors across the world.Besides that the GDR National Team competed in one World Cup in 1974 held in neighbouring Western Germany.On the 22nd of June 1974 on the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg West and East Germany played one against each other in a game that symbolized the division of Germany between the West which was a free,democratic and capitalist society and East which was socialist,centralist and under Soviet control.Also it highlighted the Cold War divisions and the political blocs which divided the world into two opposite camps,nevetheless the game between West and East Germany was one of the anticipated matches of the 1974 World Cup.West Germany at that time wore white white shirts with black shorts and it was led by Franz Beckenbauer,on the other side the East Germans wore blue shirts with white shorts and their best player by far was Jurgen Sparwasser which was the star player of 1.FC Magdeburg.The match between the two German states was in a deadlock until the 77 minute when Sparwasser scored the winning goal which shocked West Germany.Eventually both German states went into the second round where East Germany made its exit while West Germany made to the final rounds and in the final on its home soil won the World Cup by beating the Netherlands.That was the first and only appearence of East Germany in FIFA World Cups and with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 when GDR dissapeareed also the legendary blue shirt dissapeared from the football grounds,however thanks to the phenomena of the Ostalgie and vintage football sites the away shirt of the GDR isn’t forgotten and it has become a must have shirt collectors across the world.


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