Legendary Shirts:Netherlands Home


Total football was inveted by the Dutch in the 1960s and Ajax under Rinus Michels used it in which Ajax began the dominating team in Europe in the end of the 1960s and in te beginning of the 1970s.However its debut on the international level had in the 1974 FIFA World Cup in Western Germany,the Netherlands reached under Michels its 1st ever final of the tournament,however they were beated by the host,West Germany led by Franz Beckenbauer.But from that moment the Netherlands became one of Europe’s powerhouses when it comes to international football,in the 1970s it wasn’t just only they had legendary coach Rinus Michels,but also  they had players Neeskens,Resenbrink,Rep and by far one of the most legendary players ever to come from the Netherlands Johann Cruyff who all of them wore orange shirt.The Dutch orange shirt is one of the most legendary shirts since it represented the Total football of the 70s and also by its design made by Adidas.In the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina,the Dutch this time without Cruyff made it to the final,however again it was the host nation to be crowned as the World Cup winner It was the last of the golden Dutch generation of the 1970s which achieved huge success on the biggest stage of World football.The 1970s generation put the Netherlands on the map of World football while the orange shirt made by Adidas became a must have for collectors across the World.




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