Old Football Grounds:Boleyn Ground


The soon to be former home of the West Ham United from next season,Boleyn Ground or in other name known as Upton Park was built in 1904.Forty years later after it was built,during WWII a V-1 flying bomb fell on the south-west corner of pitch which forced West Ham to play its games  away from home while the repairs were made.In December 1944 the club returned to Boleyn however in its first match against Tottenham Hotspurs 1-0,also the highest recorded attandance was also against Tottenham Hotspurs on the 17th of October 1970 when 42300 fans saw the match.After the Taylor Report in the early 1990s,West Ham like all other clubs was forced to refurbish the stadium and remove the terraces.In 1993 a new stand named by West Ham United legend Bobby Moore was built which had a capacity of 9000 seats,two years later,in 1995 the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand with a capacity of 6000 seats was built on the place of the old North Bank,also the East Stand was made all seater.Six years later on the place of the old West Stand,a 15000 new all seating stand named Dr.Martens Stand for sponsorship reasons was built bringing the capacity of Boleyn Ground to 35000 seats.The attendence record in the modern period was recorded on the 21st of September 2002 against Manchester City when all seats were filled to the last by the fans.In 2010 West Ham made a bid to move to the Olympic Stadium that was built for the 2012 Olympic Games which were held in London,after 3 years of negotiations after the 2015-16 season and after spending 112 years at Boyeln Ground,West Ham United will move to the Olympic Stadium,while its former home will be demolished in order to make space for new housing projects.

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