Legendary shirts:Sweden Home


Another shirt of the 1970s which is considered as a classic besides Sweden in that period was in the shadow of the much more successful Netherlands who in the 1974 FIFA World Cup in Western Germany reached the final,but were defeated by the host.Both countries in that World Cup were in the same group but their match ended in a goaless draw,however they both managed to progress tothe next round where the Netherlands won it’s group which granted a match with West Germany,while Sweden managed only a victory against Yugoslavia and it was defeated by Poland and West Germany and ended 5th overall.The Swedish National Team in the World Cup in Western Germany was led by Ralf Edstorm who played in the time for PSV Eindhoven and he was Sweden’s best player in the mid-to-late 1970 and early 1980s with Roland Sandberg serving as his partner in attack,while on the goal there was Ronnie Hellstorm with Bo Larsson and Staffan Tapper in the midfield which were from Malmo.In the next World Cup which was held in Argentina in 1978 Sweden was less successful than four years earlier placed in group with Brazil,Austria and Spain,they managed only a draw against Brazil and exited the World Cup in the group finishing last.However besides that Sweden’s shirt from the 1970 which Edstrom,Sandberg and others wore is considered a classic and became another favorite among collectors across the World.


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