Legendary Shirts:Los Angeles Aztecs


The city of Los Angeles with its glamour and being the 2nd largest Metropolitan area in the USA with Hollywood as its crown jewel has a huge football history.Besides with the current success of the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS (Major League Soccer) and with the coming of the 2nd MLS franchise in 2017,there is the story of LA in the 1970s during the period of the NASL (North American Soccer League).Known as the New York Cosmos Of The West,the Los Angeles Aztecs besides that they didn’t had the same success as the Cosmos,they had the same appeal as them.Founded in 1974 and they lasted until 1981 when the franchise vanished in the same period when the NASL was in a state of collapse,the Aztecs in their 1st season in the NASL won the NASL Championship against the Miami Toros.While they failed to win any championships in the following seasons,they besides that in the 1977 season the made to the semifinals of the NASL playoffs,but they signed European players like George Best and the recently deceased Johan Cruyff who spent the whole 1979 season with them where he was reunited with Rinus Michels who invented total football.Regardless of that in 1981 with the collapse of the NASL which will culminate in 1984,the Los Angeles Aztecs folded and the club was never reborn as a franchise.But the white-orange shirt of the mid-to-late 1970s which symbolized the LA Aztecs has become a must have for those who collect NASL Memorablia.

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