Do you miss them?


As another season is going into the history books where we had a Cinderella story in England with Leicester City capturing their 1st ever Premier League title after scoring their best result in the 1928-29 season where they where runners-up in the old First Division.In other leagues is more or less the same Bayern won its 4th consectutive title in Germany,PSG has totally destroyed the competition in Ligue 1,Barcelona won their 2nd consecutive and overall 24th title of the La Liga.Basically the only surprise came from England where Leicester City,Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United made results which surprised the football world.In the case of Leicester City which ended the previous season 14th and now this season has captured the Premier League title for the 1st time in its history.Now that Leicester City has captured the title there are a lot of questions what will be the clubs direction in the near future,will be Leicester another one hit wonder like Blackburn Rovers who won the title in 1994-95,will it have its own golden era like Nottingham Forest in the late 1970s and early 1980s when it dominated English football and then by the 1990s it dissapeared from the scene and currently is a mediocre team in Championship League or it will be for a long period of time with constant investments in the top of the Premier League.Already there are comparisons with the legendary team of Nottingham Forest which in the 1977-78 season won the First Division and later went twice to conquer Europe in 1979 and 1980,with  Hellas Verona who won the Serie A title in the 1984-85 season and other one-hit wonders and clubs who had their golden eras but when the economics of football hit hard they vanished from the center stage and were forced to spend their time in lower divisions which still some of them spend.There was a time that European football had many underdog clubs who pulled incredible results,which were the pride of the community and people easily afforded to go to the stadium and cheer for their favorite club.In that time football was really football and the beautiful game,which gave clubs like Aberdeen,Dundee United,Nottingham Forest,Leeds United,Aston Villa,KV Mechelen, and Videoton,the East German clubs like 1.FC Magdeburg,Lokomotive Leipzig and Carl Zeiss Jena and other European clubs both from the East and West which made their presence on the continental stage.Unfortunately in the early 1990s with the globalization of football and later in the early 2000s with the entrance of billionares who are pumping money into football like never before ruining the soul of the game,a large number of these clubs have dissapeared from the scene and even some of them were on the brink of dissapearence due to the financial situation which they found themselves.Among the hardest hit regions is former Eastern Germany which gave Magdeburg,Lokomotive Leipzig and Carl Zeiss Jena.After German Reunification in the Fall of 1990,East German clubs due to poor finances didn’t had a chance to compete with much wealthier clubs from the West besides that Dynamo Dresden,Hansa Rostock and Energie Cottbus spended seasons playing in the Bundesliga during the 1990s and early-to-mid 2000s while in the next a couple of years they found themselves in the lower divisions and near bankrupcy.That left football in former Eastern Germany without a Bundesliga club,but there is also the other side of the story about Eastern Germany,the region has very weak finances and supporting football clubs is very expensive unless it goes the way of RB Leipzig who was no history,no soul,no passion and basically is an artificial team who everyone loves to hate.But obviously the most hardest hit place of modern football is England which gave clubs like Leeds United and Nottingham Forest who are currently spending their time in lower division,with Aston Villa who won the 1982 European Champions Cup joining them next season after a number of diastrous seasons in the Premier League where the club had no real direction and it was a matter of time when disaster would struck.And Englands lower divisions are full of clubs who made their mark in domestic competition and some of them verge on the verge of playing in Europe in the mid-to-late 1980s like Coventry City,Norwich City and Luton Town but they were denied that chance thanks to the Heysel Stadium Disaster in 1986 when in a clash between Liverpool and Juventus fans,39 fans of Juventus have died which caused UEFA to ban English clubs from competing in Europe for 5 years.By the time the ban was over most the underdog clubs couldn’t replicate the same results thanks to the transformation of the English First Division into the Premier League and the globalization of the game which meant life at the bottom or to have a surprising season where they could make a good cup run and a surprising finish in the league like this season we saw with West Ham United and Leicester City.But the real question is do you miss them?Do you miss Nottingham Forest which twice conquered Europe,do you miss Leeds United or Dundee United who made fantastic results in Europe when the went to the semifinals of the European Champions Cup and the final of the UEFA Cup against IFK Gotheborg in 1987?Do you miss the time when football was football not a billionares game,when people followed their clubs with heart and cheered with passion very single weekend?Do youmiss that period?Do you miss those clubs who right now are currently are in lower leagues and are trying to figure it out to get back to the days of glory?I think you should and I think everybody should besides the football had a huge problem with hooliganism and going to a match especially in England was dangerous,but the game had a heart and soul,it had passion and it had underdog clubs who could achieved the impossible and some of them were one-hit wonders,others experienced their golden eras and faded away,others like Liverpool are still among the elite but because of the rise of big money spenders like Chelsea and Manchester City are unable to compete with them for the title.But in the end we should miss that era,we should miss Nottingham Forest and Leeds United,Dundee United and Aberdeen,Magdeburg and Dynamo Tbilisi.But some of them in the near future with enough financial backing will return to prominence write new chapters of football history.


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