Legendary Shirts:Napoli


One of the legendary shirts of the 1980s was the skyblue Number 10 of Napoli worn by the one and only Diego Maradona during his spell in the during the late 1980s and early 1990s where Napoli won two Serie A titles (1986-87,1989-90) and it was the first club in Southern Italy to achieve that because Italian football was dominated by much wealthier and famous clubs from Northern Italy.Before the Maradona era Napoli had a few successes,founded in 1904 by English sailor Willam Potts and his associate Hector Bayon,in the founding of the club participated local Neapolitans such as Amadeo Salsi who became the clubs first chairman.The club didn’t achieve much success until the 1960s when they won their 1st Copa Italia by beating SPAL in the 1962 final and returned to the Serie A after they were relegated after they 1st Coppa Italia.In that period after they returned to the Serie A  the club went to achieve consistent top five finishes with their best result in the 1967-68 season when the came 2nd with AC Milan crowned as champions.Also in that period Napoli had one of its best squads with Dino Zoff,Jose Altafini,Omar Sivoni and Antonio Juliano.Very good results of the club continued in the early-to-mid 1970s when the club achieved three 3rd place finishes and entered European competions like the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup,while in the 1974-75 season they again came 2nd behind Juventus and in the next 1975-76 season they won their 2nd Coppa Italia.But the most shocking moment came ont he 30th of June 1984 when they signed Diego Maradona from Barcelona and from that moment everything changed.Together with players like Ciro Ferrara,Salvatore Bagni and Fernando De Napoli and with Maradona leading the team with his immortal Number 10 on his shirt,Napoli went to win two Serie A titles,one Coppa Italia,one Supercoppa Italiana and the UEFA Cup in the 1988-89 season.It became the 1st club from Southern Italy which won the Serie A title and never was the same ever again in Napoli and Southern Italy.With the beginning of 1992 Napoli went into decline which lasted for more than a decade which even resulted in bankrupcy and playing in the Serie C (3rd Italian Division) but nevertheless after 2004 Napoli has recovered and return stronger than ever to the Serie A and achieved a lot of success besides it didn’t won titles but made top five finishes and won two Coppa Italia titles.But it the hearts of football fans across the world as well as collectors of legendary shirts the skyblue Number 10 of Maradona which he wore during his time in Napoli is one of the best shirts of the 1980s and a must have for any collector of legendary shirts across the world.

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