Is real football making a comeback?


The 2015-16 season is in the history books and what a season has been besides that Bayern Munich won its 4th title in row,Paris Saint-Germain won the Ligue 1 by a 31 point advantage over the nearest competitor which was Olympique Lyon with Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring 38 goals in the season,FC Barcelona winning the La Liga title for a 2nd consecutive season in a dramatic fashion and Juventus winning its 5th consecutive Serie A title in Italy,the relegation of VFB Stuttgart from the Bundesliga for the 1st time in 41 years  and Aston Villa from the Premier League from the 1st time in three decades as well as the surprising perfomances of US Sassuolo (they missed their place in the UEFA Europa League by 3 points),Southamption (also finished 6th),West Ham United (finished 7th),a poorly performance by Galatasaray (they finished 6th in the Turkish Super League) and so on. But it is in England where the biggest football fairytale occured with Leicester City winning its 1st Premier League title in the 132 years of the existence of the club and they beat much more wealthier clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea in order to be Premier League champions.But Leicester’s triumph is a triumph of the game over the big money spenders and reminds us that still romanticism stii exists in football and given us a reason why football is the beautiful game and why people across the World love the sport.Before the big money spending owners like Roman Abramovich came and dumped ridiculous amounts of money thinking that money can buy fans and trophies,football was football and it was the beautiful game in its finest with Liverpool,Borussia Munichgladbach,Aberdeen,Nottingham Forest and others who achieved great success in period where money didn’t mattered so much.But that began to change 1st in the 1990s when most of the clubs from the 1970s and 1980s couldn’t replicate the success both on and off the field and then with the entrance of the likes like Abramovich and of millionares and billionares who spent ridiculous amounts of money in order to build teams with trophies and plastic fans (the best example is Manchester City),but in some cases they treated football clubs as their own toys who were just for display and ruined them.There are a couple of cases where reckless owners ruied clubs and some of them are in England.For the start there is Leeds United who had its glory days in the late 1960s and early 1970,then made a revisit of its glory days in the early 1990s and 2000s but after Leeds found itself in financial problems they dissapeared from the Premier League and found itself first in the Championship League and then in League One,only to bounce back to the Championship League where they are stuck with an Italian owner who is under investigation by the authorities,also there are Blackpool and Charlton Athletic which made brief stints in the Premier League,while the two time European Champions Cup winner Nottingham Forest is stuck in the Championship League like Leeds besides their Kuwaiti owners who are doing very little to bring the club back to the Premier League after almost two long decades of absence.And now another club is on the risk to meet the fate of Leeds  and Nottingham Forest and that is Aston Villa which was relegated from the Premier League this season with just 16 points from the whole season and Randy Lerner plans to sell the club after he ruined it. In Italy Parma which was one the best Italian clubs of the 1990s which won twice the UEFA Cup thanks to financial mismanagement and the bankrupcy of Parmalat is now playing in the 4th division of Italian football which is the Serie D.And there are clubs all over Europe which couldn’t adopt to the big money era and either are mediocre in the top divisions,some of them have faced bankrupcy and have gone bankrupt and play in the lower divisions hoping that they will return one day to the days of old glory.But while Nottingham Forest and the rest of them dissapeared,other clubs made a resurge and remind us football fans that with a smart spending policy combined with a great scouting network and a good management it can be possible to build a club which can achieve trophies.One of them is Sevilla which won its 3rd consecutive and its 5th overall UEFA Europa League and then there is Borussia Dortmund which besides it had a golden era in the late 1990s but in the 2000s suffered a crisis before making a rebound under Jurgen Klopp in the period between 2008 and now where they are at the top of the German Bundesliga and Bayern Munich’s fierest competitor for the title.Also worth of metioning are European one hit wonders like Fulham,Braga and Dnipro who made the final of the UEFA Europa League and with European minnows like BATE Borisov who makes the Champions League group stage reminds us that football hasn’t lost its soul and passion besides Abramovich and other Russian oligarchs,besides the Arab oil sheiks,besides the glory hunters and other plastic fans.And because of such clubs and clubs like Sevilla,Borussia Dortmund,Leicester City and other clubs they represent the romanticism,optimism and faith which football as a sport lacked in the last 10-15 years due to big money owners, I believe that real football will make a return in the next years as the financial playing field will favor clubs like Leicester City who can with a smart spending policy,a fantastic scouting network and a good management achieve the highest in the beautiful game and to make football what once a upon a time was.

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