For Brazil,a crisis without an end

Brazil players humiliated

It is no longer a fact,it is the truth.Brazil is in a crisis,a very deep crisis.For the first time since 1987 Brazil made an exit in the group stage of the Copa America which its 100th anniversary edition was held in the USA and besides a 7-1 victory against Haiti,Brazil has showed literally nothing and as a consequence Carlos Dunga who was hired for the second time was again fired.But Brazil’s crisis is much deeper.Ever since the 7-1 humiliation against Germany in the semifinal of the World Cup which was on their own soil and in which the whole public expected to win since their last triumph in 2002 in Japan and South Korea,Brazil is playing very badly.In the aftermath of the 7-1 disaster and a disappointing 4th place in the World Cup,Scolari was fired and again Carlos Dunga who won as a player the 1994 World Cup in the USA was rehired besides that he led Brazil during his first reign to a Copa America title in 2007,an Olympic Bronze medal in 2008 and just a year before a quarterfinal exit against the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa,a Confederations Cup title which gave false premises that Brazil might take the title in South Africa.But in his second spell the results are the worst in Brazil’s recent history.Just after a year Dunga took the bench of the national team,at the 2015 Copa America in Chile besides that Brazil finished the group at the top and winning the Copa America would give a necessary boost in self-confidence and it will prove critics wrong after the disaster in World Cup,the Selecao made a quarterfinal exit when they were defeated by Paraguay in penalty shootouts.That marked for the first time since 1995 that Brazil who won the Confederations Cup four times which included three consequtive triumphs in 2005,2009 and 2013 will not be featured in the tournament,also the qualification to the World Cup in Russia is also in question.After six matches being played,Brazil it is in sixth place which is far from the places for qualifying for the tournament since it is expected that in this early stage either Brazil is leading the group or at least be in the places for automatic qualification,Brazil is in danger of missing the World Cup for the first time in its history.This is how bad things are in the Brazilian National Team and the alarm bells are ringing very loud.Another problem which Brazil has it is a huge lack of star power in the national team.Neymar who is the star player of the Selecao and which currently is one of the best players in the World wasn’t featured in the Copa America in the USA besides his team mates from Barcelona Messi,Suarez and Dani Alves came to the tournament as well as Phillipe Coutinho and David Luiz who are from Liverpool and Chelsea,instead he opted to play in the Olympics in Rio and while Brazil had suffered an exit from the group stage when they were defeated by Peru due to a controversial goal,Neymar was seeing partying with models and bikini-clad women in Las Vegas.Also long are gone the days when Brazil had a dream team and Dunga was even forced to call an ageing Kaka whose playing days are far from his perfomances back in AC Milan while currently  he is playing in the North American MLS for Orlando City and in this year’s Copa America the Selecao featured eight players from the Brazilian Serie A.That for a major tournament shouldn’t be happening for the Selecao.Another problem which Brazil currently faces it is that opposing South American teams have grown in strength.Argentina which is Brazil’s biggest rival in South America is having its best generation in decades currently leads the FIFA World Rankings besides huge problems in their football association and the national team with Messi’s exit from the Seleccion.Uruguay with Cavani and Suarez who are destroying opposing defences currently leads the qualifying group for the World Cup in Russia.Colombia with Martinez,Rodriguez and Bacca made a semifinal run into the Copa America and are looking to go to Russia to make a step further after being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Brazil,Chile with Vidal,Vargas and Sanchez won the Copa America back-to-back Copa America titles and it is ready to make a huge splash in the World Cup.Ecuador with Enner Valencia has its own golden generation made a quarterfinal run in the Copa America Centenario where they were stopped by the USA.Currently only Peru,Bolivia,Paraguay and Venezuela are worse than the Selecao,with Peru and Venezuela making surprising quarterfinal runs besides that is currently Peru is placed 8th in the qualifying group while Venezuela is dead last.This is how tough for the Selecao will be for Autumn when the qualifiers resume.Brazil had its biggest crisis in the 1980s when the generation led by Zico had disappointing results in the World Cup but not close to this.Besides that Dunga was fired immediately after the Copa America Centenario,Tite the title winning coach of Corinthians was hired in the place of the coach of the national team and he will be in charge during the qualifiers for the World Cup which resume in September to mid-November where in six matchdays he can lift the Selecao back to win crucial qualifying matches,but currently the alarm bells are loud and if the Selecao doesn’t wake up in the beginning of September,the end of November might turn into a nightmare.

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