US Sassuolo:Italy’s Cinderella story


The region of Emilia-Romagna which is located in the North of Italy is one of the football producing regions in the country and wider.Besides that currently Bologna is playing in the Serie A,the most successful club from the region is Parma which made its name in the 1990s by winning the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup but Parma in recent years has gone completely bankrupt and it will try to return to Serie A in the near future since they were promoted this year from the Serie D (4th division) to the Lega Pro (3rd division).Besides Bologna and Parma,there are other smaller clubs which made a stint in the Serie A like Cesena who besides financial problems in recent years has bounced between Serie A and Serie B,Piacenza who made a stint in the Serie A in the 1990s before falling apart after their relegation and curretly are playing in the Serie D,Reggiana who played a couple of seasons during the 1990s in the Serie A before like Piacenza completely falling apart but they play in the Lega Pro,Modena who made a two-year stint in the Serie A in the 2000s until they were relegated and then again suffered relegation from the Serie B in the 2015-16 season,SPAL who the last time played in the Serie A was in the 1967-68 season and the most recent example it is Carpi who after a single season spent in Serie A was relegated at the end of the 2015-16 season back to the Serie B.But among all those clubs there is the cinderella story of Italy,US Sassuolo who achieved a 6th place in the Serie A and thanks to the victory of Juventus,the Neroverdi have achieved a qualification for the UEFA Europe League next season.The story of Sassuolo begins in 1920 when the club was founded and for its large part of history played in lower divisions.It wasn’t until 2008 that under current Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri who spent a season in Sassuolo that they achieved promotion to the Serie B,while interestingly Sassuolo made the switch from yellow-red colors to the current green-black in the 1972-73 season when they were playing in lower divisions.In the next five years the club changed a number of coaches until in the summer of 2012 hired former Roma player Eusebio Di Francesco who brought them the Serie B title in the 2012-2013 season and a historic promotion to the Serie A.However in its first season in the Serie A,Sassuolo barely avoided relegation back into the Serie B by having two more points than Catania.In the next 2014-15 season Sassuolo finished a decent 12th with a strong finish of the season where in the last five matches they collected 13 out of 15 points.But in the 2015-16 the club exceeded expectations and wrote one of the football fairtytale stories of the 2015-16 season.Sassuolo began the 2015-16 season in the Serie A with a 2-1 victory at home against Napoli and they had a good start with collecting 18 points from 10 matches which included a 1-0 shocking victory against Juventus at home with a goal scored by Nicola Sansone,while at matchday 18 which was the second after the New Year the made another shock by defeating Inter at San Siro with a last minute penalty scored by Sansone’s partner in attack Domenico Berardi.From that came the lowest points of the season where for a whole month from mid-January to mid-February from possible 21 points they collected only 4 points,but from that point the club recovered and until the end of the season Sassuolo has suffered only three defeats (1-0 against Juventus in a rematch in Torino,0-1 against Genoa at home,and a 3-1 defeat against Fiorentina away).The rest were draws and victories and the most memorable came against Inter and Milan at home (3-1 against Inter on the final day on the season and 2-0 against Milan on matchday 28) and like the two previous seasons Sassuolo made again a very strong finish where like the previous season they collected in the last five matches 13 out of 15 points but this time they finished 6th which is their highest position ever in the Serie A and just only 3 points behind Fiorentina for a place in the UEFA Europe League,but thanks to the victory of Juventus the small club from Emilia-Romagna will see Europe for the first time in its history and just only three years ago were promoted to the Serie A.For US Sassuolo,Italy’s football fairytale story of the 2015-16 season and achievement well deserved.


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