Juventus and its dream to conquer Europe again


Last season Juventus won its 35th Serie A title which was their fifth in a row.While in the Serie A Juventus is unopposed with both Milan clubs going through a period of crisis while Roma and Napoli are trying their best to set up roadblocks to another Serie A title for the Bianconeri, in Europe Juvetus is disappointing.Besides they were in the 2015 UEFA Champions League final against Barcelona which they lost 3-1,two decades have passed since their last major triumph in Europe when in the 1996 UEFA Champions League final in Rome when they beat after penalty shootouts Ajax which featured names like the de Boer brothers,Kluivert,Davids,Kanu and Litmanen and which a year earlier beat AC Milan to win the UEFA Champions League in the final in Vienna.On the other side Juventus had one of the best generations with Marcello Lippi on the bench,Peruzzi on the goal,Ferrara in defence,Conte and Deschamps in midfield and an attack which consisted Ravanelli,a young Del Piero and Vialli.That final was truly a clash of the stars of the 1990s in European football with Juventus winning the biggest prize in European club footballafter penalty shootouts which saw Davids and Silooy missing the penalties which gave the Bianconeri their second Champions League.The next year Juventus again made the final as the champion,but this time against a Borussia Dortmund team with Hitzfeld in the bench,Sammer and Ricken in the midfield and the partnership of Riedle and Chapuisat in the attack.The final in Munich wasn’t a good memory for the Bianconeri which they lost 3-1 besides having Boksic,Zidane and Vieri in the squad with the rest of the 1996 squad which conquered Europe in the final in Rome.After that came the final in 2003 in Manchester at Old Trafford against its biggest rival AC Milan,but this time the penalties gave the Rossoneri their sixth title,that was the last appearance in the Champions League final until 2015 and the final in Berlin against Barcelona.Meanwhile from that final Juventus went from the top of Italy to an embarrassment due to the Calciopoli affair in 2006 which sent the Bianconeri in the Serie B as a punishment due to involvement in match fixing with the Milan clubs taking over Italy and Europe.Juventus suffered a temporary decline,but after the 2010-11 season when AC Milan won its 18th title the Bianconeri have been dominating the Serie A with five titles in a row in the last five seasons and the last two seasons they won back-to-back double crowns in Italy.But the Bianconeri are hungry for success in Europe,having won everything in Italy both the club and the fans have grown tired of the domination in the Serie A without any results in Europe besides the final in 2015 against a very strong Barcelona side with the MSN (Messi,Suarez,Neymar) trio.In the last five seasons besides the final in Berlin,Juventus hadn’t much success in Europe with Bayern Munich representing the boogeyman for the Bianconeri in the knockout round of the Champions League when the Bianconeri were stopped by them last season in the 2nd round and in 2013 in the quarterfinal with an exit from the group stage in the Champions League and semifinal in the UEFA Europe League in 2014 where they lost against Benfica besides they scored an away goal but after being withheld to a 0-0 draw at home it meant that Benfica would face Chelsea in the UEFA Europe League final at Juvetus’s own stadium which Chelsea in the end won.But this might change season and the fans believe that Juventus’s time to rule Europe again has come.During the summer off-season the club aquired Dani Alves from Barcelona and Mehdi Benatia on loan from Bayern Munich and with the current defence with consists of Lichtsteiner,Barzagli,Evra,Bonucci and Chielini,they argubly have one of the best defence lines in Europe and in the Serie A opponents will have a very hard time to score goals.In the midfield Pjanic who was aquired from Roma together with Khedira and Marchisio is a very good midfield,but they have lost one of Europe’s best midfielders and future Ballon D’Or contender Paul Pogba to Manchester United which will be a huge loss for the club.The attack is a story for itself,besides that Dybala and Zaza will score the necessary goals,the Bianconeri aquired Gonzalo Higuain for €90 million which last season with Napoli scored 36 goals which equaled the record set by Gino Rossetti in the 1928-29 season.Higuain’s transfer to Juventus meant a a hard time for Mario Mandzukic who will compete with Higuain for the spot in the team with Marko Pjaca who was aquired from Dinamo Zagreb to play a minor role.With Allegri on the bench until 2018,the Bianconeri are ready to conquer Europe once again.After Brussels and Rome that Cardiff becomes a place of a European triumph for the Bianconeri and to get out of the European shadow of the more successful AC Milan which is the most successful Italian club in Europe.

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