Manchester ain’t big for both of them


Manchester is one the biggest cities in England.It is known for the Ship Canal,its musical scene which gave bands like The Stone Roses,Oasis,New Order,The Buzzcocks,Chemical Brothers and countless others,but most notably for football.Manchester has two football clubs:City and United with the Red Devils being more successful while the Sky Blues living in the shadow for much of its history.That began to change in recent years when in 2008 the Abu Dhabi Group for Development and Investment bought the club and the Sky Blues emerged from the shadows of the Red Devils and won in 2012 and 2014 the Premier League,with the FA Cup won in 2011,while last season they won the Capital One Cup (this season rebranded as the EFL Cup),in the meantime the Red Devils are trying to comeback to the top of English football after the retirement of Alex Ferguson in 2013 and these couple of seasons have been harsh for the Red Devils with a catastrophic reign of David Moyes which lasted for a season and Luis Van Gaal didn’t made any improments on the league table where the Red Devils finished fifth last season with a defeat in the knockout round of the UEFA Europe League by Liverpool,with Van Gaal fired in the end of season besides a FA Cup triumph over Crystal Palace.Looking back at history since the first Manchester derby in 1881 City and United are fighting for who is going to be the best club in Manchester.The Sky Blues in their history won only four titles,five FA Cups,four League Cups and a UEFA Cup Winners Cup.The most successful period of the Sky Blues was in the late 1960s and early 1970s when under Joe Mercer and Malcom Allison won the Division One title,the UEFA Cup Winners Cup and the League Cup with players like Mike Summerbee,Colin Bell,Francis Lee and others who brought glory to the Sky Blues and that was until 1972 when both Mercer and Allison moved away from the manager position,in the next four decades the Sky Blues would live in the shadow of the Red Devils and that resulted in the relegation to Division Two (3rd English tier) in the 1998-99 season,but in 200o they returned to the Premier League,but City’s turning point came in 2007 when Takshin Shinawatra bought the club and began to invest large sums of money into the club,however he was forced to sell the club after the club was facing financial meltdown.Then came City’s trasformation when the investors from UAE came and transformed City into a title winning club.On the other side the Red Devils were much more successful and established themselves as a force in English football,from the Busby Babes in the 1950s 1960s led by Bobby Charlton to George Best in the 1970s and the 1990s generation of Beckham,Scholes,Giggs,York,Cole,Schmichael,the Neville brothers and Cantona  which has conquered England and Europe numerous times to the Cristiano Ronaldo era in the 2000s and current generation of Rooney,Mata,Carrick,Rashford and others in the squad the Red Devils with some exceptions like the short reigned David Moyes period which one of the most disastrous period of the club in the post-Ferguson era.In recent seasons with the rise of the Sky Blues in the Premier League and the Red Devils’s decline due to the retirement of Ferguson,Manchester is getting bluer and no longer it was the dominance of the red part which dominated the city like much of the history with the golden era of the Red Devils where they conquered and ruled England and Europe,while the Sky Blues were in the shadows.But this season it is different,this season Manchester will witness a true star war between the two clubs with both sending themselves into overdrive.The Sky Blues welcome Pep Guardiola on the bench and make it clear that winning the UEFA Champions League will be one of the goals this season after they reached the semifinal the previous season.With that came the new aquisitions in form of Nolito who was signed from Celta Vigo and Ilkay Gundogan from Borussia Dortmund with a squad which consists of Sterling,Toure,Navas,David Silva,Aguero,Hart,De Bruyne and Kompany,the Sky Blues plan to launch an assault in the Premier League and in the UEFA Champions League which has been the dream of the ultra-wealthy Arab owners to win.The Red Devils are looking to rebounce in the post-Ferguson era by hiring the Special One:Jose Mourinho and by signing to the squad Zlatan Ibrahimovic,Henrik Mkhitaryan  and most notably Paul Pogba from Juventus which once played for youth categories of the Red Devils but he was released by the club and joined Joventus where he became a superstar and he will in the following years compete fro the Ballon D’Or.Mourinho’s hiring meant that after 30 years spending in the club both as a player and assistant coach,Welsh legend Ryan Giggs decided to leave the club and go on its own way.This season it will be a battle between Mourinho and Guadiola,between the trophy hungry Sky Blues and the rejuvenated Red Devils who plan to return to conquer and rule England and Europe and this time there is no room for errors because it will be a star war for Manchester and Manchester is not big enough for both of them.


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