Legendary Shirts:Borussia Monchengladbach

borussia mönchengladbach shirt

One Germany’s best clubs in the 1970s which was their golden era and which shirt wore legends like Jupp Heynckes,Berti Vogts,Gunther Netzer and Herbert Wimmner and legendary coach Hennes Weisweller.Die Fohlen (Foals) began their rise in 1966 when they along with Bayern Munich were promoted in the Bundesliga and from that moment they battled with the Bavarians for the Bundesliga crown with Bayern winining the title in 1969 and the Foals answered by winning back-to-back titles in 1970 and 1971 with Bayern winning three titles in a row until 1975 when in his final season in charge of the Foals Hennes Weisweller brought another title to the Foals before he went to coach FC Barcelona with Udo Lattek being his replacement in the bench and with Lattek the Foals have won two more titles in 1976 and 1977,with that they matched Bayern’s hattrick of Bundesliga titles.For the rest of the decade the Foals would enjoy success,especially in Europe where they made the final of the European Champions Cup in 1977 where they lost against Liverpool,but won the UEFA Cup in 1975 and 1979 first by beating FC Twente and then by beating Red Star Belgrade.After the 1980s the Foals went into decline besides producing players like Lothar Mattaheus and Stefan Effenberg who later in their careers joined Bayern Munich.The Foals decline also meant relegation in the 2.Bundesliga in the 1990s and 2000s besides they won the DFB Pokal in 1995 which is their last major trophy.In those years which was truly a dark era for the Foals they were far from their best days of the 1970s and they were a yo-yo club bouncing between the Bundesliga and the 2.Bundesliga.That ended first with a promotion to the Bundesliga in 2008 and  with the hiring of Lucien Favre who brought the club back to the top of the Bundesliga in the seasons that followed and in the 2014-15 season the Foals finished 3rd in the Bundesliga which was their best result in years.Besides that due to bad start of the 2015-16 season Favre was fired,the Foals managed to end a decent 4th place which that for a second consecutive season the Foals will gain qualification for the Champions League.The results of recent years remined the Foals of their golden era of the 1970s where they were one of Germany’s biggest club and Bayern’s biggest competitor and in that era they only club who could match the dominance of the Bavarians.


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