Old Football Grounds:White Hart Lane


The soon to be demolished stadium of Tottenham Hotspur was built in 1899 when the Spurs bought a nursery owned by the brewery chain Charringtons and developed into a football stadium.The first game which the Spurs played at The Lane was a 4-1 victory against Notts County which was attended by 5000 spectators.The first time Whte Hart Lane went through refurbishment was in 1909 when wit the help of architect Archibald Leich the stadium increased its capacity to 15300 with the bronze fighting cock was added at the West Stand.Redevelopments of the stadium continued in the 1910s with the increasing of the capacity to 50000,while the ground was renovated in 1925 with the Paxton Road Stand and Park Lane Stand enlarged.Besides that in that time the Spurs weren’t successful more than 750000 squeezed inside the stadium to see the match between Tottenham and Sunderland for the FA Cup in March 1938.After WWII the stadium hosted some of the matches of the football preliminaries of the Football Olympic Tournament in 1948,while in 1953 saw the introduction of floodlights.Meanwhile in the early 1980s the West Stand was replaced,but the whole project took 15 months to complete which caused financial problems for the Spurs and in the early 1990s saw the completion of the South Stand with the introduction of the first Jumbotron videoscreen,while the North Stand was renovated in 1998 and with that the White Hart Lane was in its cutrent form with a capacity of 30000 seats.With the beginning of 2000 the club began talks to move away from The Lane and to build a new stadium since the Olympic Stadium in London is now the stadium of West Ham United,while a move to Wembley has been ruled out.So the Spurs decided to build a new stadium which will have 61000 seats which beisde being the new home of the Spurs,meanwhile they will play matches at Wembley and The Lane will be demolished after 117 years of history.

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