Legendary Shirts:AC Milan


The legendary shirt of the Rossoneri of Milano is a classic across the World and it is one of the most legendary shirts of all time.So is the club which is an 18 time Serie A champion and won in total 18 international trophies which is a record tied with the Argentinians of Boca Juniors.Founded in 1899 AC Milan by English expats Herbert Kiplin and Alfred Edwards it experienced success in its beginnings with championships in 1901,1906 and 1907,but it wasn’t until after WWII when the Rossoneri would become a powerhouse in Italian and European football.Beginning in the early 1950s with the Swedish Gre.No-Li trio and then in the 1960s with legendary coach Nereo Rocco who invented the catenaccio tactic which Italian football became known in Europe and in the World and with players like Jose Altafini and Gianni Rivera who gave the club their first European Champions Cup in 1963 when the club beat Benfica.Then at the end of the decade came another European Champions Cup,a Cup Winners Cup and an Intercontinental Cup.The 1970s where less successful for the club and it culminated with a relegation in 1980 besides the season before the club won their 10th Serie A title,in the next couple of years the club suffered its darkest moments but eventually rebounded when in 1986 Silvio Berlusconi bought the club and launched into an era of unprecedented success which was coupled with the arrival of Arrigo Sacchi on the bench and the Dutch trio of Gullit,Van Basten and Rijkaard along with Donadoni,Ancelotti and Galli.The late 1980s and early 1990s was an era of unprecendented success for the Rossoneri which they won a number of domestic and international trophies which established the Rossoneri among the biggest clubs in Europe.The success continued in the 1990s with the generation of Simone,Boban,Savicevic,Albertini and Maldini,besides there the club suffered a decline in the late 1990s,but in the 2000s climbed back with Shevchenko,Kaka,Seedorf and Inzaghi were they re-established the club among the biggest in Europe wirh UEFA Champions League final victories against Juventus and Liverpool.In the last couple of years besides the club won their 18th Serie A title in 2011.it has suffered a serious decline which might end the Berlusconi era with new owners coming which would return the club in the old days of glory.But the Black and Red shirt of AC Milan has become a must have for all collectors across Europe and World.

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