Legendary Shirts:Celtic FC


One of the most legendary and famous football clubs which makes one part of the immortal Old Firm derby was found in 1888 by Catholic priest Brother Walfried has borrowed its colors from Hibernian Edinburgh and in its early years tasted success in 1892 when won its first of 35 Scottish Cup titles and in 1893 when won its first of 47 Scottish League titles.In the following decades the Celts continue to win trophies but it was in the 1960s when the Celts reached new heights of glory when led by legendary manager Jock Stein reached the 1967 European Champions Cup final that they made a breakthrough in Europe.The Celts in the final in Lisabon faced Hellenio Herrera Grande Inter which dominated European football in that time and the Celts pulled a stunning 2-1 victory to win its only to date European club trophy-the European Champions Cup.That was one of the finest moments for Celtic and the men who did it are written in the history of football,with that triumph in Lisabon,Celtic became the first British and Scottish club who won a European trophy.Also that was the Celts best team ever which consisted of player born within a 30-mile radius of Glasgow.Three years later the Celts would make another final in Milan against Feyenoord but they lost with the same result which beat Inter three years earlier in Lisabon.After a very good period of the 1970s and 1980s which saw the Celts winning domestic trophies,the 1990s was the club’s darkest period when the Celts suffered a huge crisis which lasted until early 2000 whn Martin O’Neill was named as manager and the club rebounded which even resulted in a trip to the UEFA Cup final against Porto led by Jose Mourinho in Sevilla which the Celts lost 3-2 after extra time.In the last years with the decline of Rangers,Celtic has become the only dominant force in Scottish football with dominating the Scottish Professional Football League with five titles in a row and this season to go for a sixth title in a row.Nevertheless the legenedary green-white hooped shirt which was worn by legends such as Jimmy McGrory,Jimmy Johnstone,Bobby Lennox,Jock Stein,Henrik Larsson and others remains one of the most famous and beloved shirts in World football and a must have for collectors around the World.


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