The Red Bulls of Leipzig are rising


For the first time in the Bundesliga season Bayern Munich slipped into 2nd place after its 1-0 defeat against Borussia Dortmund but it wasn’t the Borussen who took the lead in the Bundesliga table,it was the sensation of the Bundesliga season Red Bull Leipzig which defeated Bayer Leverkusen 2-3 and has a fantastic unbeaten run in the 2016-17 Bundesliga season which saw them in the last seven matchdays a perfect record of seven victories and still haven’t been defeated in the new Bundesliga season.The rise of Red Bull Leipzig is not kind of a fairytale which football fans across the world would love to hear since they are one of the most hated football teams because of their corporate partnership with Austrian energy drink producer Red Bull which owns a couple of football clubs across the world including New York Red Bull of the Major League Soccer and Red Bull Salzburg in the Austrian Bundesliga,but it worth telling since they are the only Bundesliga club from former Eastern Germany.Leipzig is a city in the German state of Saxony which was part of the CommunistEastern Germany,nevertheless has a rich football tradition dating back to 1896 when VFB Leipzig and Olympia Leipzig where founded,while VFB Leipzig became in 1903 Germany’s first national football champion and much of the later 20th Century will be known as 1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig which would in Eastern Germany go to win four East German cups (1976,1981,1986,1987) and make an appearance in the UEFA Cup Winners Cup final in 1987 against Ajax which they lost 1-0,Olympia would spend its history in the most lowest ranks of German football.Also Lokomotive would suffer a crisis besides they played in the Bundesliga for a season in 1993-1994,after that the club suffered a financial meltdown and was in 2004 re-established by a group of fans however in the last decade the club is unable to climb back to higher ranks of German football and currently is playing in the Oberliga.Also there is BSG Chemie Leipzig which was founded in 1950 but has its roots in the clubs of TuRa Leipzig and Britannia Leipzig and was twice champion of Eastern Germany in 1951 and 1964,however the club fell into obscurity and in 1990 changed its name into Sachsen Leipzig but 2011 declared bankrupcy and the club was liquidated while in 1997 BSG Chemie Leipzig was re-estastablished which today plays in the Oberliga,also in 2013 Inter Leipzig was founded as they as well play in the fifth tier of Germna football which is the Oberliga,while SpVgg Leipzig which was founded in 1899 and spent most of its history in lower leagues in the ninth tier which is the Stadtklasse.Leipzig is a city with rich football history and clubs which were formed,reformed and re-established but in all of this story where does the current leader of the Bundesliga fit?It started with the refurbishment of the old Zentralstadion for the 2006 FIFA World Cup and Leipzig became the only city in Eastern German to host matches of the World Cup,the question was since there was no strong financial backing for any of the clubs the Zentralstadion might be useless fo football,that changed when Austrian businessman and co-owner of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz decided to invest in German football,Leipzig was a perfect place for the investment and after several attempts to enter the German football market,in May 2009 RB Leipzig was founded,it took seven years to jump from the Oberliga to the Bundesliga,but not without controversy,the club is hated by many fans across Germany due to its association with Red Bull and mostly it is referred as the “corporate team” and just two years ago,in 2014 the club had problems to secure a licence to play in the 2.Bundesliga.It took two season that the Red Bulls make the promotion to the Bundesliga,in the 2014-15 season the club finished 5th besides it spent 12 million Euros on transfers,but it was the following season where the club has finally reached the promised land of the Bundesliga and marked for the first tme since 1993 that the city of Leipzig will be represented in the Bundesliga.The Red Bulls spent last season 18 million Euros on transfers which was more than any other club in the 2.Bundesliga with Davie Selke which came from Werder Bremen for 8 million Euros as the most expensive.In the end the Red Bulls made history when they finished 2nd behind 2.Bundesliga champions SC Freiburg which confirmed an automatic promotion to the Bundesliga.Led by former Ingolstadt coach Ralph Hasenhuttl in the their first ever Bundesliga season in the their first match against Hoffenheim the Red Bulls made a solid 2-2 draw with Dominik Kaiser scored the first Bundesliga goal for the Red Bulls,but in the next two matchdays the Red Bulls they would shock Germany,first they defeated Borussia Dortmund by a single goal  in the final minutes of the match and in the next round they trounced Hamburg 4-0 which included two goals scored by 20-year-old striker Timo Werner,while in the next two matchdays the Red Bulls would make two consecutive draws Borussia Monchengladbach and Koln,from their 2-1 against Augsburg to the 2-3 victory against Bayer Leverkusen,the Red Bulls made a run of six consecutive wins and eleven consecutive matches without a single defeat which put them in the first place of the Bundesliga for the first time ever,however the real tests for the Red Bulls lie ahead,just before Christmas there the big match against Bayern Munich and if the Red Bulls can continue like this the whole season they would write another Cinderella story in the pages of football and silence their most harshest critics.


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