Legendary Shirts:FC Barcelona


One of the most famous and legendary shirts comes from one of the most famous and legendary football clubs in Spain and Europe and it is the pride of one of the most famous Spanish region which in this case is Catalonia,the Blaugrana of FC Barcelona.Founded in 1899 by Hans Gamper,in its beginnings the club had a successful start in national and regional competitions and just three years after its founding the club won its first trophy whoch was the Copa Macaya,while between 1910 and 1914 won four times the Pyrenees Cup which was the first international competition in Europe and it that time also won the Copa del Rey three times and in 1929 the Blaugrana won its first La Liga title,however it was in the 1950s that the Blaugrana would climb to the top of Spanish and European football besides that Francisco Franco’s nationalist regime favored Real Madrid and from the mid-1950 the club has become a fixture in European foorball and from of the early 1990s one of the most dominant clubs in European competitions.The Braugrana’s first golden period was in the 1950s when they won three La Liga titles and five Copa de Reys and after experiencing a decline in 1960s and 1970s when trophies were few and rare,the club began to recover in the late 80s when the legendary Johan Cruyff who played for the Blaugrana a decade earlier was hired as coach and the Blaugrana began it stellar rise to the top of European and Spanish football,combined with the La Masia academy which was opened in 1978 which to this day produces world class players FC Barcelona became one of the biggest clubs in Spain and in Europe,most notably it became a worldwide football brand which is known across the world and which has outgrown its regional Catalan identity which to this day is a part of the club.From Laszlo Kubala,Luis Suarez,Sandor Koscis and Zoltan Czibor in 1950s and 60s,Johan Cruyff in the 70s,Diego Maradona,Gary Lineker and Adoni Zubizarreta in the 1980s,to the 1990s of Luis Figo,Romario,Rivaldo,Ronaldo,Hristo Stoichkov and other legends to the 2000s with Ronaldinho,Samuel Eto’o and Carles Puyol and to the era of Leo Messi,Luis Suarez and Neymar,so many legends have wore the legendary Blaugrana shirt of FC Barcelona which is today on the most famous shirts in world football.

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