Chapecoense will live forever


It had to be one of the biggest nights of South American football when Atletico Nacional and Chapecoense would square off in the first leg of the 2016 Copa Sudamericana final,instead it turned into one of the saddest stories of 2016 in world football and one of the biggest tragedies when the LaMia Flight 2933 which carried the whole team with the coaching staff and a large number of journalists following the club has crashed and killed 71 of the 77 passangers which included almost all of the club squad with only three players surviving the crash.This is an incaculable loss for the club from the state of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil in a time when the club made a huge progess in South American football when this year they made the final of the Copa Sudamericana which would give them a shot for glory to complete the year of the underdogs,but fatal errors made before and during their flights to Colombia have took away that opportunity.Like the 1949 Superga Air Disaster where the golden generation of Torino and the 1958 Munich Air Disaster which killed a large number of members of the squad of Manchester United and set back all progress which the Red Devils under Matt Busby who barely survived have been made,the same will apply to Chape and it will be a hard process to comeback and rebuild the squad from the scratch.Fortunately the football world will be generous to loan enough players to Chape but again in the long term the process of rebuilding the sqaud which promised a lot will take time and will not be an easy process.The story of Chapecoense begins in 1973 when the club was founded by a merger of the two clubs in the city of Chapeco which were Atletico Chapecoense and Independiente,four years later Chapecoense won its first of five state championships which are known as the Campeonato Catarinense,in 1979 just six years after its founding the club made its first season in the Brazilian Serie A but it spent only a single season in Brazil’s highest division until 2014 for the first time in 25 years spending in the wilderness Chape was promoted to the Serie A after finishing rhe 2013 Serie B season on 2nd place six points behind Palmerias and from that moment Chape began its rise through the ranks of Brazilian and South American football,after finishing 14th in its first season in the Serie A,Chape secured a place in the second stage of the 2016 Copa Sudamericana which is the South American equivalent of the UEFA Europe League.In the second state of the Copa Sudamericana Chape faced Cuiaba,besides Chape lost the first leg by a single goal,thanks to goals by Bruno Rangel and Lucas Gomes in the second leg at home,Chape made a progress to the next stage where they faced the legendary Argentinian club of Independiente where after two 0-0 draws in both legs came down to penalty shotouts in which Chape won 5-4,in the quarterfinal round Chape faced the Colombians of Junior and again just like in the matches against Cuiaba,Chape lost the first leg away,but again at home rebounded by defeating the team from Barranquilla 3-0 and between a possible shot at glory in a possible final of the Copa Sudamericana stood the legendary club of San Lorenzo which two years eariler won the Copa Libertadores and it was looking to win its second Copa Sudamericana after winning the 2002 edition of the tournament.This time the small from from Chapeco was standing in their way,in a David v Goliath battle between one of Argentina’s storied clubs and the underdogs from Southern Brazl,Chape pulled a sensation when based on away goals in the 1-1 draw in the first leg in Buenos Aires,Chape made it to the final where Atletico National which won the Copa Libertadores a year earlier waited them,but then the dream was over.Two weeks ago on the 28th of November 77 passengers which made the team and the coaching staff of Chapecoense together with 21 journalists took the LaMia 2933 Flight and never came back,71 of the 77 passengers were killed in the plane crash with 2 crewmembers,3 players and 1 journalist survived and after that nothing was the same,instead of playing the match two days later against Atletico Nacional the football world was shocked and saddened by the death of players which would promise a lot in the following years.The football world mourned together with Chape and decided to help the club which will go through its toughest periods ever,but those players which wrote one of the most best periods of Chape will never be forgotten and they will live forever in the hearts of the fans of the club.

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