Legendary Shirts:Manchester United


The Red Devils of Machenster,one of the biggest clubs in world football was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath and it wasn’t 1902 that they changed their name to their current one and also it wasn’t until that moment that they swtched from the green-yellow colors to red which their wear to this day.Before WWII,the Red Devils had a few successes,they won their first title in 1908 and another in 1911,while they won only one FA Cup in 1909.The Red Devils experienced very few success until the appointment of the legendary Scottish manager Sir Matt Busby in 1945.From that point they became a force in Englsih football,they have conquered England and Europe with legendary players like Dennis Law,George Best and most notably Bobby Chartlon but also it was marked by tragedy when in 1958 the Munich Air Disaster happened which has killed the majority of the title winning Busby Babes squad which promised a lot for the Red Devils,eventually the Red Devils have rebuilded and recovered and made history in 1968 when they won the European Champions Cup,with their last English league title in 1967 they would wait 26 years and the appointment of another Scottish manager that would lead them in the most successful period of the club.After Matt Busby’s retirementfrom the bench in 1969,the Red Devils went in a period of decline which even resulted to a relegation to the Second Division in 1974,but the club was promoted back very quickly however it had a mediocre performace until the hiring of a man which led them to the most successful period of the club ever,legendary Scottish manager Sir Alex Ferguson.It took four year on the bench that Ferguson won a trophy which was the FA Cup victory over Crystal Palace and the rest was history,the Red Devils dominated the 1990s like no other club and many legends played for the club like the Neville brothers,Ryan Giggs,Dwight York,Andy Cole,Peter Schmichael,David Beckham,Eric Cantona,Paul Scholes,Mark Hughes,Steve Bruce and others and the success continued in the 2000s with Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo.In 27 years of Ferguson’s reign the Red Devils dominated English and European football and they even surpassed their biggest rivals-Liverpool as the record English league champion.With success the red shirt of the Red Devils has become a ost have for every football fan across the world,especially those from the Matt Busby era.


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