Can Sevilla make a title run until the rest of the season?


Last night happened something which didn’t happen in a long time,after an unbeaten run of 40 matches without a defeat they were defeated 2-1 by Sevilla and with that victory over Zidane’s Real Madrid,the Rojiblancos from Andalusia are just a point behind the first placed Los Galacticos in the La Liga table,which puts an interesting question:can Sevilla make a title run to the rest of the season and possibly clinch its first La Liga title since 1946 when it was the last time they were La Liga champions.The Rojiblancos hae been in for the last decade a sensation in Spanish and European football since their first UEFA Europe League triumph in 2006 and from that point they have more or less became a fixture in both Spanish and European club football where they won more trophies than in any other period of the club’s history.However this might be the season where Sevilla could make its biggest triumph in the La Liga in seven decades,currently the Rojiblancos are in 2nd place besides during the summer they lost Banega,Gamiero and most notably Unai Emery who became coach of Paris Saint-Germain,however what Sevilla has and some other clubs don’t have is the club management which is probably one of the best in Spain and perhaps in Europe due to its fantastic scouting strategy which allows them to buy players cheaply only to sell them at a higher price to bigger clubs and also to strike loan deals in areas which are need to fill the club roster.During the summer the club brought Samir Nasri which didn’t saw a lot of action last season at Manchester City and the Argentinian duo of Luciano Vietto and Matias Kranevitter who were loaned from Atletico Madrid,while during the winter transfer window Stevan Jovetic from Inter was brought since he didn’t seen any action during the first half of the season in the Serie A.Founded in October of 1905,Sevilla hasn’t had any particular triumphs in Spanish football until the mid 2000s,they won only a La Liga title and three Copa Del Reys.Mostly Sevilla was considered an average club with average results until the late 1990s when in 1997 the club was relegated to the Segunda Division where the club spent two seasons and then was promoted back to the La Liga only to be relegated again the season after.In 2001 Sevilla under Joaquin Caparos who spent five seasons leading the club from the bench was promoted back to the La Liga and never looked back,however it was under Juande Ramos where the Rojiblancos they went under a stellar rise in Spanish and European football with two back-to-back UEFA Europe League titles and a Copa Del Rey title in 2007 which was their first since 1948 and in the same 2007 they achieved its highest league position which was 3rd and which they replicated in 2009.In the following years Sevilla stayed in the picture of Spanish and European football but it was under Unai Emery the club has achieved a hattrick of winning three straight UEFA Europe League titles,something which never happened before and which put Sevilla as the record champion of the UEFA Europe League.Besides that Emery left the club last summer,former Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli was hired on the bench and with a squad which lacks big names,Sampaoli made a lot of things.The Rojiblancos started the season with a 6-4 victory against Espanol at home and had an unbeaten run for a month until a 3-1 defeat against Bilbao,only to see to make another unbeaten run for a month until a 1-2 defeat against Barcelona at home,but in the last five matches the club collected 12 out of possible 15 points and besides they were beaten by the Los Galacticos in Copa Del Rey 6-3 on aggregate scoring,the Rojiblancos got the rematch last night where they stopped Real Madrid’s run of 40 unbeaten matches thanks to an own goal by Sergio Ramos and Stevan Jovetic’s first goal for the club in the final minutes of the match.Now looms the biggest question:can they make an actual title run in the La Liga,besides they in the spring await Leicester City in the 2nd round of the Champions League which gives them an opportunity for a deeper run in Europe’s biggest club competiton and how the club roster will be affected to fight on two fronts because there will be a fear of exaustion of the roster since will be stretched to the limits since both Real Madrid and Barcelona have both longer benches of their squads.Nevertheless the Rojiblancos showed how a club can compete against the big ones even without huge financial resources thanks to its philosophy and vision which the club has operated,but if the things go well Sevilla might win its first La Liga title in seven long decades of waiting.


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