Punk Football:FC St.Pauli-A story of punk,pirates and politics


One of Germany’s most famous football clubs and yet they haven’t won a major trophy in its history,but it doesn’t matter,because they have a cult following not just only in Germany but all across the World and that is FC St.Pauli which is Hamburg’s second club and which currently plays in the 2nd Bundesliga.But that doesn’t matter too because of its status as a club with a Worldwide cult following.Hamburg is Germany’s biggest port and when it comes to football Hamburger SV has been the name in the Bundesliga since its founding in 1963 and it was never relegated from the Bundesliga from its history,also worthy to mention the successes of the Dinos in the late 1970s and early 1980s.However living in the shadow of the success of the Dinos which position themselves as the city’s biggest club and was once one of the best clubs in Germany it is its city rival FC St.Pauli.Somewhere down the St.Pauli port district Jolly Roger flags are flying high with sleazy tattoo parlours and adult shops stands the Millerntor Stadium which a couple of blocks away from Hamburg’s red-light dstrict is the home of FC St.Pauli or popularly nicknamed the Buccaneers.Founded in 1910 FC St.Pauli has never won a major trophy in German football and mostly during its history the club played in the lower divisions of German football with sporadic appearances in the Bundesliga where the last time were featured in the 2010-11 season and since their relegation in 2011 are playing in the 2nd Bundesliga with more or less success with the last season finishing in 4th place which was their highest place on the 2nd Bundesliga table since the 2011-12 season.But mostly it doesn’t matter,because due to its club culture and policy the Buccaneers have established a Worldwide cult following.It began in the 1980s when the club used the position of Millerntor to attract various punks,anarchists,blue-collar workers and left-wing political activists to football matches and soon it gained loyal following among these groups,in the years and decades that followed the club became more engaged in social and political activities which gained them attention across the World and with that a Worldwide cult follwing besides they never won a major trophy.


Besides having one of the most politically active fanbases in Europe which is engaged in left-wing politics,the Buccaneers together with their fans are also engaged in various social activities which helped people across the World.Starting in 2005 the club and the fans have formed the Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli which is a charity which provies clean drinking water in developing countries like Cuba,Kenya,Nepal,Uganda,Rwanda and others as well.Thanks to the club’s left-wing political orientation fans of the Buccaneers have nutured friendships and links with similar clubs of left-wing orientation across Germany and Europe,most notably with fans of Ternana,Celtic,Rayo Vallecano,Partizan Minsk,Hapoel Tel Aviv,SV Babelsberg 03 and the ultras of Bayern Munich which is Shickeria Munchen with which they have a special relationship and again thanks to its fans which come from punk and related subculturesthey have been paid tributes by punk rock bands which have recorded songs in the name of St.Pauli and band members of bands like the Asian Dub Foundation,Gaslight Anthem,Swaering at Motorists,Panteon Rococo,Sigur Ros and others were spotted in the brown-white jersey of the club and the famous skull and crossbones logo.Besides the Buccaneers have faced so many times bankrupcy during its history,most notably the last time was in the mid-2000,it were their faithful and loyal fans who saved and the club and keep saving it whereas the club represents the last of the football romantics in the football world,but the cult status surrounding the club has made them popular across the World with 500 fan clubs Worldwide including a dozen in the USA besides the Buccaneers still play in the 2nd Bundesliga,but again like it said it doesn’t matter.The passion and determination of the club’s fans,the left-wing political culture of the club,the management of the club which turned into a vehicle for positive social action as well as the location of the club’s stadium has turned the club into a Worldwide phenomena and a must-see for every football fan across the World to live the experience of FC St.Pauli for a day,especially on matchdays when AC/DC’s Hells Bells is playing before the kick-off.Hopefully we will see the return of the Buccaneers back in the Bundesliga one day so they can add their crazy atmosphere and romantics in one of Europe’s top leagues.


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