The sinking of Nottingham Forest


What in the world is happening to Nottingham Forest again?The once proud football institution of the Eastern Midlands is suffering from another mediocre not to say at least a catastrophic season in the EFL Championship League and currently it is placed only 15th which is far away from the places which guarantee a promotion playoff spot,besides the Reds have now won matches in a row which were against Aston Villa and Rotherham United,the Reds can hope only for a top 10 finish this season since they have done very poorly during the whole 2016-17 season and they have only an 8 point advantage from Blackburn Rovers which sits at one of the relegation places in the table.The Reds find themselves today at one of the lowest points in years since the relegation into League One in 2005 and it has passed almost two decades that the Reds have played in the Premier League where they were relegated from in 1999 and since then they were bouncing between the Championship League with a brief stint in League One which lasted for three seasons until the Reds have climbed back to the Championship League where are they ever since.One of the biggest problems the Reds face is constant changes on the bench,since 2008 the Reds have changed in total 10 coaches on the bench and some of those names include the likes of Alex Mcleish and Steve McClaren who coached clubs like Twente and Wolfsburg and the English national team while currently is sitting on the bench of the Reds biggest rivals-Derby County,while Alex McLeish coached Rangers FC,both Birmingham clubs-Villa and City,the Scottish national team and Hibernian who spent on the bench of the Reds for a full month until he was fired.McLeish’s appointment caused controversy among club’s faithful fans because back on Boxing Day 2012 the besides the Reds were defeated 4-2 by Leeds United,they were a point within the playoff spots and the fans didn’t liked that Sean O’Driscoll who was appointed by the Al-Hasawi family who owns the Reds and who signed a record eleven players for the season was fired and since then the Reds have been on decline with constant coaching changes in which former coach Billy Davies was appointed to lead twice with the last time in the 2013-14 season when Forest finished a mere 11th and Davies was replaced just two months before the season’s end with caretaker coach Gary Brazil who is currently repeating his role as the caretaker coach after the firing of Phillipe Montanier where under his leadership the Reds saw one of the worst runs they ever had in the Championship.From mid-December to mid-January for a whole month the Reds in seven matches have only collected 2 points out of possible 21 which were two draws against Preston North End and Birmingham City and five defeats with only 2 clean sheets in 30 matches,one of those defeats was a 3-0 humiliating defeat against its biggest rival Derby County which came right at the beginning of their negative run this season.Another problem is the Al-Hasawi family,since 2012 when they became owners of the club they promised that the Reds would return to the Premier League as soon as possible but under their ownership the Reds declined.Al-Hasawi’s ownership of the club became menagement without micromanagement:coaches being fired,salaries and bills being paid late,chief executives weren’t allowed to do their jobs.There is no vision and no plan how to move the club forward,instead every single season since Al-Hasawi took over the club is finishing lower league positions.Also Fawaz Al-Hasawi who is the club’s owner  is emotional,bizarre,erratic and impulsive and changes his mind every single day.During the summer there was an interest from Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis to enter the club’s ownership structure with fresh money,even Red Bull has shown interest,but the most concrete offer came from te USA with former owner of the San Diego Padres John Jay Moores taking over the club,but the deal was called off last month with both sides blaming the other one for the deal failure and with Al-Hasawi back in the club,the fans were furious once again.With Al-Hasawi’s no vision and no plans for the club usually comes also a bad recruitment of players.Nicklas Bendtner who in recent seasons is known for making tabloid headlines about his escapades in his private life was signed by the Reds since he didn’t had a club to go and he was featured in only 14 matches this season which is one of the fewest in his career.From what it seemed to be a serious contender for the promotion to the Premier League with making in 2010 and 2011 even finishing 3rd in the 2009-10 season,now it has become a pipedream for a club which once conquered Europe and was the institution of football in East Midlands and the Reds will spend some more time in the football wilderness until they figure it a way out of it.

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