From heros to zeros:The Foxes are in survival fight


What a complete opposite situation for Leicester City this season,instead of mounting a serious title defence after last year’s sensational and miracleous title winning season,this season is the complete opposite.The Foxes are engaged in fight to survive in the Premier League and currently are placed 17th with only a single point advantage over Hull City which is occupying one of the relegation places and this season the foxes might be relegated back in the EFL Championship League after winning the Premier League last season.Instead of cashing in the new found glory which the Foxes have found themselves after winning the Premier League,the club management has done nothing to build on the success achieved last season.The Foxes could have been the new Borussia Dortmund which since the back-to-back Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012 and with its runs in European competitions has built very solid foundations for competing both in Germany and in Europe or Sevilla which is Leicester’s opponent in next week’s 2nd round of the UEFA Champions League.Since their 1st UEFA Europe League trophy more than a decade ago has cashed in on its new found fame to build a solid squad besides the club is knowing for its philosophy to buy cheap players and then sell at a higher price,but thanks to its scouting network Sevilla has been in top of Spanish football for more than a decade,while in Europe the Rojiblancos have been a name by winning 5 UEFA Europe League titles which included 3 in a row from 2014 to last season.Obiviously the club management at the Foxes doesn’t have a long-term vision for the club and how to cash in their new found glory which was achieved for the future which would have bringed them even more successes.Instead the Foxes are turning into a one-hit wonder club where they in one single season have shocked the football would without building foudations for the future,that strategy isn’t just wrong but flawed.For a long time Leicester City was in the shadows of bigger and better clubs from the Midlands like Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa which are currently in the EFL Championship League and will stay there for a long time,but the Foxes have won a few trophies and suffered a lot during its history especially in the 2000s and it wasn’t until three seasons ago that they were promoted back in the Premier League.The most biggest question was for the Foxes after their title winning season:Now what?What will be the vision of the club after winning the biggest prize in English football?The sudden success brought a lot of praises and critics as well which questioned how the club will answer to their new found glory,unfortunately the club management of the of  Foxes didn’t recognized well how to answer it.During the summer transfer window the Foxes lost N’Golo Kante to Chelsea and he was one of the crucial players of last season’s success,however Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez which was rumored for a transfer to Arsenal decided to stay and give the club a chance,the only four serious player buys during the summer transfer window were Bartosz Kaputska who is only 20 and he represents the future of Polish football,Nampalys Mendy who came from Nice and who had to take the role of Kante in the defence,Ahmed Musa who was brought from CSKA Moscow for 16 million Pounds and by far the biggest aquisition during the summer Islam Slimani for whom the Foxes paid 28 million Pounds and yet failed to gain traction in the club,Slimani played only 13 matches and scored only 5 goals during this season.Meanwhile Vardy and Mahrez are out of form from last season,both have only scored in total eight goals together this season,so does the rest of the squad,the Foxes have in total six attackers have have together scored only 18 goals while the rest of the squad in other areas is prety thin.Instead of investing money in defence and midfield which needed necessary reinforments,as well as to buy a bigger bench since the Foxes  compete in the UEFA Champions League and are still in play for the FA Cup since they made the 5th round of the competiton where they face Millwall on saturday,they invested in two attackers which this season have failed to gain traction,while Vardy,Mahrez,Okazaki and Ulloa look like they are lost.The Foxes should have counted on the resurgence of the big clubs like Chelsea which probably will win the title this season after last season’s disaster,Manchester City which has Guardiola on the bench and the ever challenging Spurs which are hanging in 3rd with hopes of making another top 3 finish like last season.The Foxes had to count on that,they simply had to face the reality that title defence won’t be easy,but they ignored it instead this season Claudio Ranieri’s men are facing relegation from the Premier League.The Foxes didn’t won since New Year’s Eve when they beat West Ham thanks to a single goal by Slimani and in the last five matches they suffered five consecutive defeats which included back-to-back 3-0 defeats against Chelsea and Southampton.That is how bad the situation is for Leicester City,they in total collected only 21 points,last season at this time of the year the Foxes were on their way to win the Premier League title,this year is the complete opposite,if Ranieri’s men don’t wake up soon they are going to find themselves to be relegated from the Premier League and last season’s tears of joy will become this season’s tears of sadness.The alarm bells in Leicester are ringing and that is just the start for the Foxes which last season wrote of one the most beautiful stories in world football,while this season it has become a nightmare they can’t get out of it.


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