The day when East beat West


One of the most famous matches of the FIFA World Cup and played during Cold War between the Communist East and Capitalistic West was between the two Germanies in the 1974 FIFA World Cup which was hosted by West Germany.It was more than just a match it was politics on the field since the Cold War was raging between the USA and USSR with their allies and Germany was the ground zero of the Cold War between the two superpowers since it was divided into West Germany which was the member of the European Union and NATO and which with the free market economic system achieved an economic miracle and stability which launched into a European power and the communist East Germany which was a Soviet satellite state and which was less prosperous but prided itself in socialism which would later be proven to completely unworkable.When it came to football prior to the 1974 FIFA World Cup hosted by West Germany,the Wessis were much more successful with a World Cup title in 1954,a fourth place in the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden and a quarterfinal appearance in the 1962 FIFA World Cup in Chile which forced the German Football Association,the DFB to start a professional league after decades of regional leagues in 1963 which is the Bundesliga which in the following decades became one of Europe’s best and strongest leagues and then in the two following World Cups in England and Mexico the Nationalelf played one of the most memorable matches in FIFA World Cup history where they were both defeated but nevertheless are in history books as one of the most best and memorable matches of all time.The opposite situation occured in East Germany,the Ossis were unsuccessful when it came to football,besides the domestic football league which was the DDR Oberliga which was bizarre and weird world of football and two bronze medals in the Olympic football tournament in the 1964 and 1972 Olympics,the Ossies prior to the 1974 FIFA World Cup had very few if none successes but they were serious contenders in every single qualification round for every international tournament.Finally they got their chance to qualify for a major football tournament after the Olympics in Munich when they were drawn in the qualifcation group for the 1974 FIFA World Cup with Finland,Romania and Albania.The Ossis dominated their qualification group pretty easily only being defeated by Romania by a single goal in late May 1973 and the rest were victories which for the first time in their history the Ossis made it to the World Cup.But since the World Cup was hosted by West Germany,fans from the Iron Curtian were hindered from travelling to West Germany which also meant the fans of the Ossis were hindered as well.But when the groups were drawn and the two Germanies were drawn together in the same group that provoked a lot of controversy and curiosity since due to the Cold War and the politics of the two superpowers.Never before the two German states have played one against each other and that set up a potential classic match which it was.In that time before the match the Wessis were the European champions after their triumph in the 1972 Euros which they captured their first Euro and the hoped to win their second World Cup title on their own soil.On the 22th of June 1974 in Hamburg the two German states spearated by the ideological war between the Cold War superpowers of the USA and USSR played their first and last match against each other.Very few would predict that the Ossis would write history by beating the star team of the Wessis led by Beckenbauer,Hoeness,Breitner and Muller since the Wessis counted on a quick and easy victory.Besides that during the large part of the match in Hamburg the Wessis dominated but it was the Ossis who scored and pulled a shocking victory in Hamburg when in the 77th minute Jurgen Sparwasser which was one of the best players of the Ossis in tat time scored a goal which made shocked everyone and made history for the Ossis.

The victory of the Ossis shocked the football world and shaked the Wessis which made much need realignments in the team and thanks to that they went all the way to win their second FIFA World Cup title when the beat the Dutch in the final in Munich,meanwhile the Ossis made it to the second round and in total they finished sixth which was their only significant result in the FIFA World Cup.In the following years the Wessis demanded a rematch with the Ossis which the government of East Germany refused,besides the huge interest of East German players,coaches and fans.Sixteen years later after the match the Wessis would go on to win their third World Cup when they beat Argentina in Rome and in the autumn of that year the two German states finally reunified in a single German state with the fall of the Berlin Wall which marked the end of the Cold War between the USA and USSR,but nevertheless the match of two German states separated by politics became one of the classic matches in World Cup history.

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