The forgotten clubs of the Bundesliga


The Bundesliga has a rich a pround history in European football in its 54 years of its exitence but also there is the other side of the Bundesliga glamour where it has left a trail of broken clubs with broken finances after their participation in the Bundesliga that today some of them are scrapping in the bootom division of German football.The Bundesliga has  a history full of one-season clubs like SC Paderborn,SSV Ulm and Blau-Weiss Berlin,has-beens like Bayer Uerdingen and catastrophies like SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin which to this day has the worst ever record in the Bundesliga.The latest victim is SC Paderborn 07 which just two seasons ago played in the Bundesliga after achieving a historical promotion in May 2014 that in their first and only Bundesliga season to date have made positive shocks that by matchday 4 of the 2014-15 season Paderborn actually led the Bundesliga table,however as the season went on,all the disadvantages for Paderborn began to show and in the end the club was relegated from the Bundesliga immediately after spending a season and not just only that,in the following season Paderborn was relegated from the 2.Bundesliga and currently sits at the bottom of the 3.Liga which will mean a complete fall from grace like it happened to Alemannia Aachen,another club which played in the 2006-07 season and then a decade later due to broken finances found itself playing in the Regionalliga which is the 4th tier of German football.But the most famous case of the forgotten clubs of the Bundesliga comes from the city of Krefeld which is located in the football rich state of North Rhine-Westphalia which is the home of the Bundesliga giants like 1.FC Koln,Borussia Dortmund,Schalke 04,Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Monchengladbach but also produced the likes of Fortuna Dusseldorf,VFL Bochum,Arminia Bielefeld and MSV Duisburg which they play in the 2.Bundesliga,as well as clubs like Preussen Munster,Rot-Weiss Essen,Wattenschied 09 and Wuppertaler SV which are these days playing in lower divisions but once upon a time were the members of the Bundesliga.However they completely collapsed into irrelevance due to broken finances and bankrupcies.However the most famous case of forgotten Bundesliga clubs is KFC Uerdingen which once upon a time starting in the 1950s became known as Bayer Uerdingen.Thanks to German pharmaceutical giant Bayer which sponsored the club from the city of Krefeld,Bayer Uerdingen achieved huge success in the Bundesliga in the 1980s especially in the 1985-86 season where they finished 3rd which was their highest position ever and a year earlier they shocked everyone by winning the DFB-Pokal in the final by beating Bayern Munich 2-1 in Berlin’s Olympiastadion.

Also the huge success in the Bundesliga was translated in Europe where they made it to the semifinals of the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in the same season they finished 3rd.A season later their U-19 and U-17 squads won Bundesliga championships and with that the club thought it had a bright future,but it didn’t,instead when the 1990s came Bayer Uerdingen spent bouncing between the Bundesliga and the 2.Bundesliga and that was the situation until 1995 when Bayer pulled its sponsorship from the club which meant an end for red-blues from Krefeld and the effects of the absence of Bayer’s sponsorship were disastrous,in 1999 they were relegated to the third division and due to financial problems they even spent a time in the Verbandsliga Niederrhien which is the 6th tier of German football,today the former DFB-Pokal winner is in the Oberliga Niederrhein which is the 5th tier of German football and miles apart from the Bundesliga which the red-blues from Krefeld played in the 1980s.But also not of the smaller clubs which participated in the Bundesliga were known by a stellar rise and a fall from grace,FC Homburg which is from Saarland played for three seasons in the Bundesliga and they were known that they tried to fix their financial problems simply to put condom manufacturer London as their shirt sponsor which caused a rift with the DFB on ethical and moral grounds and in 1988 the DFB prohibited FC Homburg to have London as their shirt sponsor.Some of the forgotten clubs of the Bundesliga were complete catastrophies on the field most notably the notorious side from West Berlin-SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin which was the worst ever club to participate in the Bundesliga.In 1965 Hertha BSC had its licence revoked because and weas relegated from the Bundesliga because the broke the player salary rules and as its replacement from then Regionalliga Berlin came the 3rd placed SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin since Tennis Borussia Berlin which would later achieve promotion to the Bundesliga in the mid-1970s has failed in the promotion round,while Spandauer SV simply refused so it fell on SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin which has accepted the offer to represent West Berlin in the 1965-66 Bundesliga season which was their first and last to date and by far the worst.The club from Neukolln district has set the worst ever records in the Bundesliga:fewest points collected in a season,fewest wins (tied with Wuppertaler SV which is another forgotten Bundesliga club),most defeats in a season,longest winless streak,most home defeats,they are also the only Bundesliga club without an away win and other records which weren’t proud.Seven years after their Bundesliga misadventure SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin was forced to decalre bankrupcy and the club was shut down with their successor SV Tasmania Berlin which is playing in the Berlin-Liga carrying the legacy of its notorious precedior.From the West Berlin clubs of Tasmania,Blau-Weiss and Tennis Borussia through the Saarland clubs of Homburg,Saarbrucken and Borussia Neukirchen,to the likes of Wattenshied,KFC Uerdingen and Wuppertaler SV and to Waldhof Mannheim,Ulm,Unterhaching and most recently Paderborn and Alemannia Aachen,the Bundesliga has its story of forgotten clubs which wrote the pages of Bundesliga history where they tried to make names for themselves but in the end they are spending these days far away from the big lights of the Bundesliga in the lower divisions of German football forgotten by everyone.


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