Punk Football:FC United Of Manchester-The Red Rebels Of Manchester


Manchester-one the biggest cities in England.It is known for the Ship Canal,its musical scene which gave bands like The Stone Roses,Oasis,New Order,The Buzzcocks,Chemical Brothers and countless others.Manchester is also a city of football,it has the two biggest football clubs in England:City and United with the Red Devils being the more successful than City which in recent years began to catch up.However it is also the city where one of the most biggest cult clubs in Europe and the World is located-FC United Of Manchester.It all started with a protest against the potential takeover of one of United,it resulted in a rebellion and a formation one of Europe’s cult clubs-FC United of Manchester.It was May 2005,the Glazer family which were the owners of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers have took over the majority of shares of Manchester United and by month next year they have purchased the rest which meant that they have the complete control of the club and with that they infuriated a group of fans which treated the Red Devils as their home.And after years of protesting the potential Glazer family takeover of the club which has done nothing to slow the takeover down,it meant to form a new club from the scratches,in the final period of the Glazer takeover in May 2005,a group of Red Devils fans got together and formed their own club-FC United of Manchester which would become the Red Rebels,contrary to the Red Devils.Sir Alex Ferguson,the legendary manager of the Red Devils has described the founding of FC United Of Manchester as “sad”,while some of the sceptics claimed the new founded club wouldn’t be able survive to Christmas,but the Red Rebels besides their first hard beginnings have survived and most notably they have thrived.What in the last 11 years have the Red Rebels have achieved is beyond everything but also they gained cult status and huge following across Europe and the World.Started from literal nothing the Red Rebels are currently in the 6th division of English football which is the National Division North,just two ranks below the EFL and still to this day are led by Karl Marginson who before became a football manager was a fruit and vegetable delivery man and who is the manager of the Red Rebels from its beginnings.

The meteoric rise of the Red Rebels through the ranks of English football in the last 11 years became a stuff of fairytales and the club began to achieve a cult status among football fans across Europe and World and it became one of the symbols that fan-owned grassroots teams with enough passion and dedication can achieve without big money help since they were one of the first to fight back against the big money interests in English and European football,also the cult status which the Red Rebels achieved over the years gave them possibility to play friendly matches across Europe and the World which included even a friendly in the USA against Detroit City last year besides playing friendlies and participating in tournaments across continental Europe most notably they established links with some of Europe’s cult clubs like St.Pauli FC which is one of the most famous cult clubs in continental Europe and lesser known clubs like Venezia,Lokomotive Leipzig and CAP Murcia which all play in lower divisions in their countries.Besides its links with the rest of Europe,the club is also known for helping the community,on Christmas Day last year,the club opened its stadium Broadhurst Park which was opened in May 2015 to the homeless in Manchester as a way to give back to the fans and the community.With a new stadium opened in May 2015 which secured the club’s long term playing facilities and a fan-owned structure which decides the decisions of how the club will be ran together with a cult status which it gained over the years the future couldn’t be better for the Red Rebels which hopefully one day will they see themselves playing in the highest levels of English football and probably have a derby match with the Red Devils which would for sure inflame passion and set a defining potential rivarly in Manchester.


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