Arsenal’s crisis is getting worse


Arsenal is in a deep crisis and one of the worst in a long time.How bad the situation is at the Emirates is that in the last 5 matches the Gunners managed only a single victory,while ranking up 4 defeats which came from minnows like West Bromwich Albion which outplayed the Gunners in the last matchday before the International break 3-1,while at the end of January the Gunners were humiliated by Watford at the Emirates.With that came another exit from the Champions League against Bayern Munich which is the Gunners boogeyman when it comes to Europe’s top club competition.In fact the Gunners have never passed the Bavarians in the knockout stage.This season the Gunners were again outplayed by the Bavarians with two 5-1 defeats which was a disaster and ended again hopes for a deeper run in the Champions League which the Gunners might not see it next season.The Gunners are currently 6th with 50 points and Everton is right behind them with the same number of points with a worse goal difference than the Gunners.Nevertheless the Gunners face an uphill battle since the 4th place which leads to a qualifying round of the Champions League is currently held by Liverpool led by Jurgen Klopp and the Reds have a 6 point advantage over the Gunners.If they can’t make it to at least the 4th place their only chance to play in Europe is the UEFA Europe League for which they need to knockout the Red Devils which have a two point advantage over the Gunners and like the Gunners have two games in hand to play but unlike the Gunners they are in play in the UEFA Europe League since they are in the quarterfinals facing Anderlecht,while the Gunners are occupied with the Premier League and the FA Cup where in the semifinals face Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.The current crisis in Arsenal is a result of years of negligence by a number of factors.Some point at the club management and CEO Ivan Gazidis where Wenger points the blame and American owner Stan Kroenke whom fans blame for the exremely high ticket prices and unwillingness to spend more.Others point at Wenger itself.Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013,Arsene Wenger has become the longest serving manager in the Premier League since he came from Japan in 1996,over the years Wenger became a fan favorite in the early years and brought in 2000 the Gunners to the UEFA Cup final in Copenhagen which they lost to Galatasaray and it was under him that the Gunners have 20 year streak of playing in Europe which includes 18 consecutive seasons in the Champions League which they reached the final in 2006 in Paris against Barcelona which had to be Dennis Bergkamp’s swan song,but the Blaugrana was better that night and the Gunners left Paris empty handed.Also it featured one of the best squads which Arsenal had with the names of Lehmann,Pires,Hleb,Henry,Fabregas and others.That was a height of generation of Arsenal which two seasons prior made a run of 38 matches unbeaten where they won their last title to date and then they set a record of 49 matches unbeaten in the Premier League which is a record in English football which probably no one would match it.In the first decade of Arsene Wenger’s reign happy times returned to Arsenal and the club returned to the top of English football,but from 2007 to 2014 the Gunners couldn’t win a single trophy which particulary cruel was in 2011 when Birmingham City shocked the Gunners at the EFL Cup final which the Blues won 2-1 and in that period there were a lot of speculations of a crisis at Arsenal and without any trophies won many players like from Arsenal’s star striker Thierry Henry to Fabregas and Van Persie simply left the club which in its driest spell (2005-2014) hasn’t won a single trophy and their biggest achievement was at least to finish at the top spots of the Premier League.Meanwhile Wenger tried to fix it with his usual approach of poaching promising talents like Eduardo Da Silva and Andrey Ashavin who after promising starts in later stages disappointed and simply left the Gunners.Besides that Wenger didn’t changed his approach to buy young promising talents which his critics have criticized and called him to open the pocketbooks to spend more in order to keep the club more competitive.There were too many players linked to Arsenal like Robert Lewandowski which is currently in Bayern Munich but never made it to the Emirates,instead Wenger’s biggest investment in recent years is Alexis Sanchez which is the Gunners first striker and was brought from Barcelona three years ago for 30 million Pounds and with the current crisis getting worse he might leave the club in the summer if the situation doesn’t get any better and he isn’t the only one.On the exit might be Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mesut Ozil who is ready to return to Germany after three years at the Emirates besides that all three players have a year left in their contracts but the situation in the club locker is pretty bad and team chemistry has crumbled which was seen in the last 5 matches prior to the International break and question is how the Gunners will end the season on a positive note,unlike last season which thanks to a late-season collapse of their North London rivals they managed to clinch the 2nd place in the Premier League leaving the Spurs once again behind them.This season is a pure opposite with the Spurs trying to clinch a 2nd place in the Premier League which would be their highest league position in five decades and their rivals trying at least to clinch a place to play in Europe.Then there are the fans of the Gunners which are more than unhappy and demand Wenger to leave and try a new approach besides that Wenger signed another two year contract,the rumors are that Thomas Tuchel from Borussia Dortmund might come to Arsenal’s bench as early as next season with a complete new approach which is now desperately needed in North London.But with Wenger staying for two more seasons,Arsenal’s fans might need to wait a bit longer for a new manager and a new approach on and off the field.With the current league position which sees them on missing Europe for the first time in two decades and their worst league position since the 1994-95 season when the Gunners finished 12th will be that enough for a real change in North London?


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