A Photo finish for the Ligue 1 title


Now we are heading to the final stretch of the season in the Ligue 1 and the situation it is clear.The title race will be between AS Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain with the Parisians defending the title which they won in the last four seasons while the red-whites from the pricipality are chasing their first Ligue 1 title in 18 years,having won the last time in 2000.It has been a very exiciting Ligue 1 season with a lot of twists and turns unlike the previous seasons where the Parisians have dominated the Ligue 1 without any serious competitor,just for the reminder last season the Parisians with 31 points ahead of Olympique Lyon and AS Monaco,while in the seasons before it was between 9 and 12 points ahead of their nearest competitors.Not this season,it has been a threeway race since the start of the season wih Nice leading the most of the season,but once the Ligue 1 season kicked into high gear the club from the French Riviera which didn’t won a Ligue 1 title since the late 1950s couldn’t keep its lead and slipped with a huge amount of draws.Compared to PSG and Monaco which both have 5 draws,the red-blacks from the French Riviera have 10 draws and that is why they slipped in the title race besides they recently recovered last weekend with a 2-1 victory over Bordeaux,but the title race will be between PSG and Monaco.For many years prior to the investment of Qatar Sports Investments the current owner of PSG,they were the black sheep of French football besides they are the club from the capital of France and one of the most famous cities of the World-Paris.Simply the failures in the late 1990s and 2000s with sporadic winnings of the Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue have made PSG a tough destination for world class players besides they attracted the likes of Ronaldinho,Nicolas Anelka,Pedro Pauleta,Marco Simone,Mario Yepes and Gabriel Heinze.Even in the late 2000s the Parisians had to fend off relegation from Ligue 1 especially in the 2007-08 season where they barely finished 16th,but it wasn’t until that the Qatar Sports Investment bought the club in 2011 that the Parisians would return at the top of the French football and end the long title drought which was present since the mid-1990s.On the other side is AS Monaco which is the club from pricipality of Monaco and a tax heaven for various millionaires and billionaires across Europe.The red-whites had their memorable moments in history when in 2004 they made it to the final of the UEFA Champions League which they lost to then Jose Mourinho’s Porto,but the last time they were champions of France was in 2000 and from then they try to end the title drought which is lasting for the last 17 years which even brought a relegation to Ligue 2 in 2011 and they spent two seasons there until under Claudio Ranieri they made it back to Ligue 1.Thanks to the investment of Russian billionaire Dimitry Rybolovlev the red-whites have returned to the top of French football with the goal of ending the title drought.This season they might do it.From matchday 20 to the current one the red-whites are leading the table of Ligue 1 unlike the Parisians which have never in the current season led the Ligue 1 table and still they might defend their title.Last Saturday on the Coupe de la Ligue final the Parisians drew first blood by destroying the red-whites 4-1 with two goals by Edison Cavani which is also the leading topscorer of Ligue 1 with 27 goals,while Radamel Falcao scored a mere 16 goals.

Now the battle between the PSG and Monaco is switching to the Coupe de France and the Ligue 1.Both clubs are still participating in the Couple de France where Monaco is facing Lille which is 13th on the Ligue 1 table while the Parisians are facing the sensation of the Coupe the France US Avranches which plays in the Championnat National,the 3rd division of France and there is possibility for another PSG-Monaco final this season.Meanwhile there seven more matchdays in the Ligue 1 and the Parisians are going to play against Nice at the end of April which will be one of the most decisive matches of the season for the Parisians,while Monaco going to Lyon in three weeks for a critical match against Olympique Lyon led by Alexandre Lacazette and for the red-whites probably the match of the season for them.For the rest of the schedule for both clubs shouldn’t be a problem but if PSG or Monaco slips in the rest of the matches,all bets are off.We are heading to the most exiciting season finale in Ligue 1 in years,will the Parisians continue the dominance which they had for the last four seasons or Monaco will will its first Ligue 1 title in 17 years,the answer will come at the end of May or sooner.

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