Five managers which could replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal’s bench


Arsenal’s season is going from bad to worse and after the 3-0 embarassing loss against Crystal Palace,the Gunners are seeing their hopes of playing European football next season going down in toilet since they are now 6 points behind the Red Devils for the UEFA Europe League spot which will be their consolidation prize for this awful season,meanwhile Champions League football for the Gunners is gone since they have no chance of disposing Manchester City which are sitting at fourth place which would guarantee them a qualifyling round for the UEFA Champions League.The only way for the Gunners to see European football is to win the FA Cup,that might be a uphill task since they are facing the Sky Blues of Manchester City in the semifinals this week and if they go to the final they would either face London rivals Chelsea or Tottenham which are competing for the Premier League title.Everyone agrees Arsene Wenger has to go and if he stays for another two years there is going to be a huge rift between the fans and the club management under owner Stan Kroenke which gave Wenger the recent two year extension as manager of the Gunners.Simply Wenger’s time at Arsenal is over and the more Wenger pushes on,the more the Gunners are playing badly and affects the fans and the situation in the locker room which isn’t good at the moment.A new and fresh approach is needed at Arsenal and the Gunners should say thanks to Wenger for the good moments which happened at the club in his 21 years at Arsenal and look to the future to bring a manager which a whole new approach which can make the Gunners a championship caliber team.Here are the top five managers which could replace Arsene Wenger:

1.Massimilliano Allegri

Massimilliano Allegri is one of the best managers in Europe and the best in Italy.Promotion to the Serie B with Sassuolo,led Cagliari to their best league position in 15 years in the 2008-09 season which was 9th.Scudetto with AC Milan in the 2010-11 season, and in the last three seasons led Juventus to two Scudetto’s with a third in sight,also led the bianconeri to a double crown and in 2015 a final of the UEFA Champions League which they lost 3-1 against Barcelona,but judging from their performance in the first leg last week the bianconeri will get their rematch which they waited for two years.If he leaves for Arsenal Allegri can have the same effect as former Juventus player and coach Antonio Conte which has turned the fortunes of Chelsea this season.Italian managers are loved in England and Allegri wouldn’t have a problem fitting in the Premier League.Gunners are interested in his services and talks have begun days ago that Allegri replaces on the bench of the Gunners

2.Thomas Tuchel

By far Thomas Tuchel is the favorite to takeover the bench of the Gunners,but the 43 year-old German who succeded Jurgen Klopp on the bench of Borussia Dortmund.However Tuchel isn’t in a hurry and is very young,his time is coming,another problem is that the Borussen would like to retain Tuchel in order to compete with Bayern besides for now Tuchel hasn’t won any trophy and the most closest was the German Cup which they lost last year in the final.Also Gunners fans would a more famous name than Tuchel.Talks between the Gunners and Tuchel have begun last month and the club made an offer and if he takes over the bench of the Gunners next season,he will meet his former mentor Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

3.Diego Simeone

One UEFA Europe League,two UEFA Champions League finals,La Liga title,one Copa del Rey,one Supercopa de Espana,one UEFA Super Cup,it is what he won with Atletico Madrid and two titles in Argentina Estudiantes De La Plata and River Plate have made him one of the best coaches in the World and a target of bigger clubs.Diego Simeone has built Atletico Madrid into a force in Spanish and European football and there is a lot of rumor that he might exit Madrid for a bigger job.The fans of the Gunners would love to see the 46 year-old Argentinian on the bench of the Gunners,however due to his successes on the bench of the Atleti,he is also a target of the Argentinian national team and Inter Milan.For now Simeone is staying in Madrid and will oversee the transition of the club which will move from Vincente Calderon to the new Wanda Metropolitano stadium at the beginning of next season.

4.Jorge Sampaoli

Another Argentinian,but less known that Simeone,nevertheless Sampaoli is a very successful coach a interesting fact is that he never coached a club in Argentina instead he spent years coaching clubs across South America until he landed in Chile where he made his biggest successes.He won titles in Chile with Universidad the Chile and a Copa Sudamericana with them before giving the Chilean national team their first Copa America in 2015 on their own soil.Last summer he came to Sevilla where he is tied to 2018 but he is very interested in to go to the Premier League and if he replaces Wenger expect the North London turn into an Argentinian rivarly since Mauricio Pochettino which is on the bench of the Spurs.

5.Julian Nagelsmann

The ultimate dark horse to takeover the bench of the Gunners is Julian Nagelsmann which is a very young 29 year-old coach in his first season as coach has made his mark at Hoffenheim.Nicknamed mini-Mourinho,Nagelsmann is the future of German football coaches and three years ago led the junior team of Hoffenheim to the German title.This season Hoffenheim thrived and currently are 3rd in the Bundesliga which will put them in position of playing the Champions League next season which is a huge achievement for the club itself.Meanwhile Nagelsmann won the German coach of the year which put him as the youngest winner of the award and by far he is the youngest coach in the Bundesliga.If all options of bringing a big name fail,the Gunners could look at Nagelsmann to bring at the Emirates.

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