Only One Can Go To Cardiff

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Derbi Madrileno is about to get a new chapter,in the draw for the semifinals of this year’s edition of the UEFA Champions League we have a rematch of last year’s final and the 2014 final,now the match is all about to get into the final in Cardiff at the end of May.Behind the El Clasico between the Los Blancos and the Blaugrana there is the Derbi Madrileno between the Los Blancos and the Los Indios,Real and Atletico Madrid.Madrid the capital of Spain has been always dominated by Real which is by far the most successful club in Europe’s top club competition and the La Liga,it claims monopoly over the capital city besides that Madrid hosts clubs like Getafe,Rayo Vallecano and Alcorcon which humiliated the Blancos in October 2009 by destroying them in the Copa del Rey 4-1 on aggregate score,there is Atletico Madrid,living in the shadows of its more famous and glamorous neighbor.The Indios carry the stigma of living in the shadow of the Blancos,but in recent years thanks to Simeone on the bench and a squad which they built they emerged on the top Spanish and European football after decades of living in the shadows of the Blancos.While they don’t represent as a threat to Real as the Blaugrana does,nevertheless for the Atleti is a matter of pride against its more famous and successful neighbor from Bernabeu.The Derbi Madrileni is a derby of contrasts which are seen across the European football spectrum when it comes to Real and Atletico is about politics and social class.Real is the team from the Paseo de la Castellana which is an upper class neighborhood where many banks and businesses in Madrid are located which includes Real’s home-Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.Atletico’s stadium Vincente Calderon is located along the Manzanares River.also the historical base of supporters of Alteico comes from the south of the city where most of the working class lives.Also the rivarly trascendents the area of politics.During Franco’s reign Real became his beloved team and the team of the regime which gained them a bad reputation and stigma among the fans of the Blaugrana and of the Atleti which forced the Atleti fans to adopt a more left.wing stance besides that Rayo Vallecano is Madrid’s real leftist club.In recent years the stakes have been raised due to the rise of the Atleti in Spanish and European football,from 2009 the Atleti won two UEFA Europe Leagues,one La Liga,One Copa del Rey,two UEFA Super Cups and participated in two UEFA Champions League finals in Lisabon and Milano from where they came empty handed.The rise of Atleti in recent years have relaunched them into Europe’s best and finest clubs which mirrors their successes in the 1960s and1970s when Atletico went into their own golden era.However ever since Simeone took over the club’s bench in 2011 they are on the rise and ready to win the Europe’s biggest and most prestigeous club competition,however in both finals the Blancos were the obstacle to lift the Champions League trophy.While in Lisabon they were trounced 4-1 by the Blancos,in Milano last year the roulette of penatly shootouts was fatal for the Atleti after a 120 minutes of battle which ended in a stalemate.But next week it is going to be much different,it is for a place for the final in Cardiff which is Gareth Bale’s hometown where Bale made its first football steps and Bale will have the shot and the motivation to lift the Champions League trophy in front of his own countrymen. and his own club is motivated to enter the final in Cardiff to make history to win their 12th crown and to be the first club to defend the UEFA Champions League which no club has done in 25 years of the competition,when it comes Atletico is to affirm its status among Europe’s elite and to end a losing streak which haunts them for the two last Champions League finals against Real.Next tuesdayMadrid will be on fire with the first match on Bernabeu,Zidane,Ronaldo and the rest of the star team of the Blancos will have hoemfield advantage over Simeone,Griezmann and the rest of Atleti before heading to Vincente Calderon for the second leg which might decide the who will go to Cardiff,but one thing is for sure,one of the clubs from Madrid will head to Cardiff for the Champions League final,but who will it be?


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