The long road back for Portsmouth


One of the clubs rising from the ashes this season is a club which just seven years ago was in the Premier League and until this season played in the EFL League Two,that club is Portsmouth.After years of being in administration which caused the downfall of the club,Pompey is rising again thanks to its fans which have bought the club and made it financially stable again.The story of the rise and fall of Pompey is a story of every small club which rises through the divisions of the football system,gets promoted to the highest division with the biggest names in club football and after a couple of season due to overspending and financial problems goes down the way it rose.The Premier League is full of broken clubs and broken finances,Pompey was their latest victim of quick success and later financial ruin,but what Pompey did unlike Blackpool or Coventry City is the ability to rebuild itself.The process took a long time that Pompey pays its debts and rebuild its squad to start climbing divisions of the football system.It was May 2008 thanks to a goal by Nwankwo Kano Pompey beat Cardiff City in the FA Cup final which gave them their second FA Cup triumph in seven decades,that has gave them a debut in the UEFA Cup in the following season and happy times were at Pompey,just five years prior to the FA Cup final Pompey in the Spring of 2003 Pompey was promoted to the Premier League and winning the FA Cup was the height of the club’s success under Harry Redknapp,but nobody would ever think to see what was going to happen next.It started when Redknapp was fired from the club in the middle of the 2008-09 season after a poor start which saw them being trounced 4-0 by Chelsea in the first match of the seasona and in mid-September the club suffered its biggest trouncing when Manchester City defeated them 6-0 which was their biggest defeat during their time in the Premier League.However while they survived the season and made it to the 14th place,rumors were floating that the club was a serious financial problems and it badly needed a finanical injection,the reason was Harry Redknapp’s reckeless spending policy where he wanted to make the club a competitor for higher places where he bought players like David James,Peter Crouch, Lassana Diarra,Jermain Defoe and others,however with the takeover of the club by Sulaiman Al-Fahim from Alexandre Gaydamak it was thought that the club had found the necessary money to repay its debts which reached 70 Million Pounds.But it was discovered that Al-Fahim doesn’t have the necessary money to repay the debts,in the following years Pompey suffered greatly between changing owners which included Ali Al-Faraj and Vladimir Antolov who was arrested due to shady business deals with a bank in Lithuania,meanwhile Pompey was hitting rock bottom when in 2013 just five years after their triumph in the FA Cup against Cardiff City was relegated to League Two.The club officially hit rock bottom and only who cared about the club were their own fans which got together under the Pompey Supporters Trust and they bought the club after successive relegations and owners who didn’t cared about the club.From that point Pompey began its long road back.It took four seasons but this season they made it and achieved is first promotion in 14 years.Under Paul Cook who took over the bench in 2015,Pompey was on the rise in League Two and besides they suffered a heartbreak last season when they lost to Plymouth Argyle in the playoff semifinals,this season more than ever before the club was determined to achieve promotion to League One which they missed last season and two weeks ago,after a 3-1 victory over Notts County at Meadow Lane,Pompey was promoted to League One.This is the culmination of the work of the Pompey Supporters Trust which was established in 2009 and which after they took over the club in 2013 have paid all debts which the club owned and achieved financial stability.After a meltdown which resulted in three relegations and numerous owner changes Pompey is slowly but surely returning to the top of English football but on its own way,through its faithful and loyal fans which helped them in tough times and it couldn’t be better that the sun is again shining at Fratton Park.



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