Sechziger’s downfall into oblivion


One of the ugliest stories of the 2016-17 season comes from Germany and it comes from Munich,it doesn’t involve Bayern Munich which are for the sixth consecutive season the Bundesliga champion,it involves its city rival 1860 Munich which has fallen into oblivion.Seventeen years ago the Lions achieved the 4th place in the Bundesliga whicb gave them a right to play in the qualifications in the UEFA Champions League were they were defeated by Leeds United and now the club it is threatened to be demoted to the Regionalliga Bayern which is the 4th division or the Bayernliga which is the 5th division of German football.The downfall of the Sechziger is a culmination of years of chaos which surrounds the club.After its highest point in 2000,just four years later under Falko Gotz the Lions were relegated to the 2.Bundesliga and after that the Sechziger became a mediocre 2.Bundesliga club with no hopes of returning to the Bundesliga instead were threatened with insolvency which saw their rivals the reds of Bayern Munich helping them numerous times.For the current catastrophe the fans point at Hasan Ismaik who bought the club in 2011 saving it from insolvency with plans getting them into the Bundesliga in the near future with moving from the Allianz Arena to their own stadium which would their former Grunwalder Stadium,however that didn’t happen.Instead the last seasons were cruel for the Lions.besides they finished twice 6th in 2012 and 2013 and achieved a 7th place in 2014,but the instability in the club management as well as the in the bench has pushed the club into a real crisis mode.Instead of fighting for promotion in the last two seasons,the Lions were fighting for survival in the 2.Bundesliga.In 2015 the Lions were forced to play a promotion/relegation match against Holstein Kiel which they barely won and avoided relegation,while last season they were 15th and avoided the promotion/relegation playoffs.This season the Lions ran out of luck.Autumn part of the season before the winter break was one of the worst of the Lions,they won a single match a 6-2 victory against Erzegebirge Aue at home from early September to late November with two mere draws against St.Pauli (2-2) and Kaiserslautern (1-1),the rest were defeats,with the results geting a bit better in the winter,the nightmare continued through the spring until the end of the season where they avoided direct relegation only by 2 points,in the relegation playoffs the Lions were placed against fellow Bavarian club Jahn Regesburg where in the first match was a 1-1 draw which gave the Lions hope in the second match in front of their homecrowd in the Allianz Arena,however the second match played two weeks ago was one of the worst and darkest days of the Lions in their history.The Red Shorts from Regensburg took a lead in the 30th minute and just eleven minutes later the Red Shorts had a 2-0 over the Lions at the Allianz Arena.With that angry Lions fans stormed the pitch which caused the match to be paused for 15 minutes.In the end unlike in the 2015 promotion/relegation playoffs the Lions were unable to retain their 2.Bundesliga status and were relegated,but the worse part is they didn’t paid the licence to play in the 3.Liga since they missed the payment deadline and will be forced to play in the Regionalliga Bayern or in the Bayernliga.Many blame for the current situation the current majority shareholder of the Lions,Hasan Ismaik who in turn has attacked the club management for the failures.Ismaik entered the club in 2011 when the Lions were on the brink of insolvency,coming as a rescuerer Ismaik promised to bring back the Lions to the Bundesliga as well to get their own stadium,instead his ambitious plans were a mere empty promise where Ismaik violated the will of the club’s shareholders and the fans.In the last two seasons the Lions changed in total seven coaches,that isn’t a way to build an ambitious club wanting a return to the Bundesliga and in the midst of the promotion/relegation playoffs the club management ended in a turmoil where only Vice Presidents Heinz Schimdt and Hans Sitzberger have stayed since Chief Executive Ian Ayre and Club President Peter Cassalette resigned from their positions and left the club.With not paying the licence fees for the 3.Liga,being threatened to be relegated even further into lower tiers,a club management falling apart and an uncaring owner,the Lions are destined to spend the following years in the football wilderness which is sad for a club which is a symbol of the citizens of Munich and was a dominant force in German football in the 1960s where it won the 1966 Bundesliga title,the 1964 German Cup and participated in the final of the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1965 which they lost to West Ham at the legendary Wembley Stadium.Truly a very sad and dark period is coming for the Lions.



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