A summer of discontent at the Emirates


As we are in the summer break and slowly heading towards a new season in the Premier League,clubs are making preparations for the next season which will nevertheless bring the same thrill in the most competitive league in Europe,the mood across the EPL is different among clubs but the most discontent can be found at Arsenal.This season the Gunners  finished a mere 5th which represents their worst result since the 1994-95 season when they finished a mere 12th,but this time for the first time since 1998 the Gunners will miss the UEFA Champions League when in 2006 they were the runners-up of the competition.The missing of the participaion in the Champions League will mean less money in Arsenal’s financial coffers something which both club and the fans will not like it and the club would be less glamourous,but the participation in the UEFA Europe League and if Arsenal wins the competition like Manchester United could relauch them back to their former status in Europe,something which Arsenal is trying in recent years but when it comes to the UEFA Champions League in the 2nd round of the competition,in fact since 2010 when the last time the Gunners have made it to quarterfinals the Gunners crashed in the 2nd round,something which shouldn’t happen to them in the UEFA Europe League.However the bigger problem for the Gunners represents the Premier League.The last title came 13 years ago,besides in the meantime the Gunners won 4 FA Cups and 3 Community Shields and mostly St.Tottingham’s Day was a part of the fan folklore of the Gunners,but not this season since the Spurs finished 2nd and Chelsea,the Gunners biggest rival in the Premier League won the title.There are many reasons why the Gunners preform so badly and in the Premiership and there are too many problems to encounter which come from Arsenal’s owner Stan Kroenke,to Arsene Wenger whose approach has been criticized to much in the past and now it came to the due with missing the UEFA Champions League.And with recent Wenger’s new two-year extension at his contract,fans of the club are furious since they want change to see.And change at the Emirates it is desperately need if Arsenal wants to stay competitive and catch up Chelsea and Manchester City,with Manchester United and Liverpool planning their own surges,especially the Red Devils in the post-Ferguson era are planning a campaign of rejuvenation of the roster and a relaunch in the Premier League,while Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp stabilized and needs minor adjustments to mount a serious title challenge.When it comes to the Gunners the song is always the same every season in the form of missed and misguided transfers,periods of bad form during the seasons,bad team chemistry and locker room problems and Wenger’s depleted approach both on and off the field.With Ferguson’s retirement,Wenger became longest serving manager in the Premier League,however he won’t shatter Ferguson’s records and unlike Ferguson who had a great relationship with the fans of the Red Devils,the love between the fans of the Gunners and Wenger is now over.The final two years at Arsenal for Wenger is about his legacy and what he will leave at the Gunners,since he has no new idea or the approach how to make the Gunners competitive again,that will be left to a new manager who in two years or less will guide the Gunners to a new post-Wenger era where the Gunners will find themselves in the position of the Red Devils how the club should look like together with a new approach which can make the Gunners competitive again both in England and in Europe.Speaking of a new manager there have been names floating around the Emirates of who should replace Wenger on the bench,but after a frustrating season a new manager is desperately needed.For now we could guess who can lead the club in the post-Wenger era but the Gunners are in crisis,the Champions League is missed and that creates problems when it comes to the transfer policy of the club and attracting new names to the club which could also lead that the current star players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil leave the club as well,something which in recent months is still a possibility.But one thing is for sure the Gunners are in their own summer of discontent with a lot of questions and few answers when it comes to the next season and that needs to be addressed very soon.

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