A new era begins in Milano


There is a surging optimism in Milano for the next season especially in the rossonero part of the city and there are many reasons for that.After more than three decades Silvio Berlusconi the always controversial former Italian Prime Minister,businessman and now former owner of the rossoneri has sold the club to Chinese investors which the fans of the rossoneri hope will invest fresh money in the club and return it to the days of old glory which have been lost since Berlusconi’s money has dried up.Founded in 1899 AC Milan is one of Italy’s most successful clubs and it had its ups and downs during its 118 years of history,after the huge crisis in the beginning of the 1980s,Silvio Berlusconi bought AC Milan in 1986 and made it a superpower in Italian and European football.In three decades of Berlusconi’s ownership of AC Milan,the rossoneri won eight Serie A scudettos,a Coppa Italia,seven Supercoppa Italiana which is a record among Italian clubs,five UEFA Champions League titles with the last one won a decade ago,five UEFA Super Cups and a FIFA Club World Cup won also a decade ago.The club signed numerous international superstars from Van Basten,Gullit,Riijakard,Bierhoff,Shevchenko to Kaka,Ibrahimovic,Ronaldihno and Pato.However after the last scudetto won six years ago under current Juventus coach Massimilliano Allegri,the rossoneri have been in decline in the Serie A and from 2014 they weren’t featured in any European competition and since they aren’t featured in the top 5 of the Serie A,that’s how bad the situation for the rossoneri is currently due to Berlusconi’s finances which have completely dried up.But help is now on the way,this season the rossoneri under Vincenzo Monetella the rossoneri have reached 6th place which is the highest place in the Serie A since 2013 ad possibility to play in European competitions mainly in the UEFA Europe League where the rossoneri will be featured in the qualification rounds which gives them a chance to renter the European scene which they have been absent for a long time and if they win the competition like Manchester United did this season it would relaunch them in Europe to regain their superpower status.Meanwhile Berlusconi’s reign after three decades is over,all of his scandals have caught up with him and his finances have dried up which meant the club couldn’t buy the necessary players to keep up with the rest and to challenge it’s biggest rival Juventus for the title,with the new Chinese investors led by Li Yonghong the club has the necessary financial resources to spend more on new players and begin to mount a title challenge to dethrone Juventus from the top of the Serie A.Already they brought a trio of players in Mateo Mussachio from Villareal,Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg and Andre Silva which is by far the most expensive aquisition for the rossoneri this summer from Porto for 38 million Euros and they will continue through the summer to fill the roster with new players which is causing a sense of optimism around the club not seen in a long time.The latest player to join the rossoneri is Fabio Borini from Sunderland and the club has an eye for Laurent Koscienlny from Arsenal,also the deal to buy Lucas Biglia from Lazio is being finalized.But with all the transfers and a new squad for next season the rossoneri need to be careful that this new optimism doesn’t carry them away like their city rivals Inter did last summer and ended in a disappointing season for the nerazzurri besides with the names of Banega,Icardi,Perisic and others and with a bill which threatened their financial stability which the nerazzurri need to solve during the summer.In any other way a new era is beginning in Milano for the rossonero part of the city with new owners and a new approach which they hope will return them to the days when they ruled Italian and European football.

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