Legendary Shirts:Mexico

mexico 70

A powerhouse of North America,el Tri has yet to shine on the world stage with the curse of never making past the 2nd round where they lost a record six times from the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the neighbouring USA,however they produced one of the most memorable football shirts of the 1970s.Mexico made its debut on the world stage in the first FIFA World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 when they finished last and missed both the 1934 and the 1938 editions in Italy and France,however they made it to the to the first post WWII World Cup in Brazil in 1950 and became a regular but a unsignificant participant,however they waited for their moment to shine when they hosted the 1970 FIFA World Cup.As the host nation they were placed in the group with the Soviet Union,Belgium and El Salvador,el Tri made it out of the group to face in the quarterfinals the Italians which trounced them 4-1 in front of their home crowd,nevertheless another step was made again in the 1986 FIFA World Cup which they hosted again with Bora Milutinovic on the bench and their biggest star in that time Hugo Sanchez,they made it to the quarterfinals again but West Germany had more luck in the penalty shootouts to advance to the semifinals and then to the final where they were defeated by Argentina led by Maradona.Regardless they are waiting their success on the world’s biggest stage,el Tri is a powerhouse in North America with 7 Gold Cup titles which makes them the kings of the North American continent and it constantly battles for dominance against the USA.Many famous Mexican players wore the legendary green shirt which has become one of the most recognizible shirts in World football from Hugo Sanchez who played in Real Madrid,Rafa Marquez in FC Barcelona,Pavel Pardo and Carlos Salido who left a mark in Germany and the Netherlands to Javier Borghetti and in the newer generation Javier “Chicarito” Hernandez who played for Manchester United,Real Madrid and now it is currently playing in Germany for Bayer Leverkusen.However the shirt from the 1970 FIFA World Cup which they hosted at home has become one of the most favorite shirts from that era and a most have for retro shirt collectors.


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