Zbornaja’s summer problems


Confederations Cup has come and gone,it proved to be an uninteresting and boring tournament which is a reason why FIFA considers to end it starting with the next edition of the World Cup.It isn’t a parameter for what will happen in the next year’s edition of the World Cup which will be in Russia and the Zbornaja enters the last 12 months of the preparations of the World Cup in uncharted territory.The Confederations Cup for the Zbornaja didn’t gone quite well since they didn’t passed the group stage and lost matches against Portugal and Mexico.The failure to pass the group stage infuriated a large number of players which include CSKA Moscow veteran defender Vasili Berezucki,his teammate Alan Dzagoev and Zenit striker Artem Dzuba since they have left the Zbornaja with the reason that they disagree with Stanislav Cherchesov who is leading the Zbornaja for a year now since the resignation of Leonid Slutsky who on the bench bad failed in the 2016 Euros in France where the Zbornaja crashed in the group stage.However Zbornaja’s problems are continuing with Cherchesov under whose command the Zbornaja only won two friendly matches against Hungary and New Zealand with draws against Belgium and Chile,in short the Zbornaja is having a mixed record and the preparations haven’t gone well with looking to make a strong result as a host in next year’s World Cup,but if they couldn’t make it as hosts of the Confederations Cup,it remains what will be seen next summer.The pressure is pretty high and so are the expectations and the Zbornaja now needs to produce a result.Ever since the 2008 Euros in Austria and Switzerland where they reached the semifinals against Spain under Guus Hiddink,the Zbornaja hasn’t produced a memorable in tournaments that followed with the exception of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa where they weren’t.In fact the 2008 Euros were the biggest success of the Zbornaja ever since the USSR dissolved in 1991 and every time they made it to a tournament they crashed in the group stage besides haivng sometimes an easy group,that proved to be right in the last World Cup in Brazil.The Zbornaja was in a group with Belgium,Algeria and South Korea,a relative easy group to pass,but failed.In te first match against Akinfeev’s catastrophic reaction with the ball gave the Koreans the lead only to be saved Kerzhakov’s equalizer,while in the second match against Belgium,the Zbornaja held a 0-0 draw at the Maracana until the final minutes of the match when Divock Origi scored the winning goal and the Zbornaja was on its way out of the World Cup,while in the third and final match in the group the Zbornaja played a poorly 1-1 draw against Algeria and the Zbornaja ended its Brazilian adventure by firing Fabio Capello who took large amounts of money from the Russian Football Union for his services which resulted in another misadventure for the Zbornaja when it came for tournaments.The French adventure last year proved to be a catastrophe besides it was overshadowed by the behavior of hooligans in Marseille and Russian hooligans have promised chaos and mayhem next summer.Meanwhile after the catastrophe in France where they finished dead last in the group with Slovakia,England and Wales,the Zbornaja got a new coach in Stanislav Cherchesov who as goalkeeper of the Zbornaja was featured at the World Cups in 1994 and 2002 and in the Euros in England in 96,but in reality problems still persist in the Zbornaja which most notably include a lack of strong talent pool of players for the national team.Besides millions of dollars have been spent Russia is still incapable of producing talents which would launch them into the world stage,instead it needs to rely heavily on players which are in their near thirties like Dzuba,Smolov and Pachenko and veterans like Akinfeev,Berezucki and Zhirkov with Berezucki being the oldest one at 35 which has become one of the loudest critics of Cherchesov besides Chersosov has a 2.6 million Euros contract until August next year.However after the Confederations Cup ended badly,the team chemistry in the locker room changed to a mutiny against Cherchesov whom the players blame for the failure at home and that will catch up with the fans of the Zbornaja as will since they hope the national team will make a ood World Cup result at home or it will be another unsuccessful adventure where Cherchesov’s head will fall.


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