Legendary Shirts:Italy


One of the most legendary shirts of all time worn by one of the most famous superpowers in world football.Exactly 35 years ago the Azzurri led by Zoff,Rossi,Gentile,Tardelli and others with Enzo Bearzot on the bench lifted their third World Cup in Madrid when they defeated West Germany in the final at the Bernabeu.Italy became a football superpower in the 1930s when under legendary coach Vittorio Pozzo with even legendary names won back-to-back World Cups in 1934 when they hosted and 1938 in France,but it wasn’t until the late 60s and early 70s that the Azzurri would come back to prominence when they won the European Championships in 1968 and two years later in Mexico made it to the final of the World Cup after the semifinal in the Match Of The Century against West Germany which was one of their most memorable clashes with the Elf which together they make the El Clasico of the national teams in Europe.But the World Cup in Spain marked the return the Azzurri to the thorne of world football.The Azzurri barely passed the group,butin the 2nd round they avenged their defeat against Brazil which happened 12 years earlier in Mexico when they defeated the Brazilians 3-2 in Barcelona and sent them home and after Rossi scored two goals which sent them to the final,the Azzurri faced West Germany again at Bernabeu,it was all done in the second half of the final thanks to Rossi,Tardelli and Altobelli and the Azzurri were at the top of the world after 46 years.After that came the hosting of the World Cup at their own soil where the Azzurri hoped for a repeat of the 1934 FIFA World Cup which they were hosts and won their first World Cup,but they finished third,however in the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA the Azzurri were in the final but like in Mexico 24 years earlier the Brazilians were better,but 2006 in Germany gave the Azzurri their fourth World Cup triumph.The legendary shirt of the Azzurri was worn by countless football legends from Meazza and Piola to Rivera,Riva,Facchetti,Rossi,Tardelli,Gentile and later Baggio,Tassotti,Maldini,Zola,Vieri,del Piero,Totti and countless others to the new generation of Insigne,Belotti and Eder.The older shirts of the Azzurri are a must have for every single vintage shirt collector since they are one of the most legendary shirts worn by one of the most successful national teams ever known.


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