State of Alert in Da Vinci’s city


The situation at Fiorentina is getting worse by each and every day and that is happening just a month before the start of the new Serie A season.The viola are gripped by financial instability,players leaving for better clubs and uncertanity how the team will look like next season since their are very few player reinforcements on the way and the predictions now for next season for the viola which played in the semifinal of the UEFA Cup a decade ago are dark,the viola in short are falling into an abyss.And this isn’t the first time,but the problem is that the Della Valle family doesn’t have the necessary financial resources anymore to keep the club afloat and are actively seasrching for a new investor in the club which will bring a fresh financial injection into the club which it will have to lead to new era for the club which gained so many cult fans during the 1990s like Parma did.Founded in 1926 Fiorentina wasn’t a powerhouse of Italian football,the won twice the Serie A (in 1956 and 1969) and they won six Coppa Italia titles (the last one won back in 2001),however the club gained cult status in the 1990s.Outside the Milan and Rome clubs with Juventus,Fiorentina with Parma was the darling of Serie A fans worldwide with their purple shirt which made them one of the most recognizible clubs outside Italy and stars like Gabriel Batistuta who was the power.packed goal machine from Argentina who in nine years with the viola scored 168 goals,the Portuguese prince Manuel Rui Costa who anchored the midfield of the viola and Francesco Toldo,one of Italy’s finest goalkeepers.That was all thanks to the Checchi Gori family which bought the club in 1990 and in the decade that followed the viola along with Parma became a cult club achieving sensational results both in Italy and in Europe.However all that ended with a bankrupcy in 2002 and relegation to the third division where the viola had to begin from the scratches with the Della Valle family being the new owners and by 2004 the viola were back in the Serie A with a new team and with Cesare Prandelli on the bench,the viola played in Europe and managed to reach the semifinal of the UEFA Cup when in front of their home crowd Rangers won the penalty shootout lottery and just two seasons ago the viola were in the UEFA Europe League semifinals where Sevilla was better in both matches.Besides that Fiorentina was on the near top of the table constantly challenging for the Champions League and UEFA Europe League places,besides being being a very decent midtable club with ambitions to go further.However last season saw the viola slipping to eight place which left them without Europe for the first time since the 2013-14 season where they started their streak of playing in Europe and the alarm bells are strongly ringing in Da Vinci’s city.Paulo Sousa who coached the viola for the last two seasons left the club after a disagreement with the Della Valle family which refused to invest in the squad and now the players are leaving as well.Borja Valero the Spanish playmaker in the viola midfield joined Inter,Bernardeschi is expected to join Juventus and that infuriated the fans so much that they took Bernardeschi’s transfer to the bianconeri with insults directed against Bernardeschi himself.Nikola Kalinic,who scored 27 goals in the last two seasons for the viola and became a crucial striker for the club wants to join Milan,while Josip Ilicic has already joined Atalanta with Cristian Tello going to Betis,also with Borja Valero’s transfer to Inter the nerazzurri are trying to poach Matias Vecino from the viola,while Khouma Babacar might also leave the viola for greener pastures.One of the roots of the current situation at the viola,lies with finances,it was 15 years ago that the Della Valle family bought the viola and brought the club back to life,however the viola every summer are forced to sell their best players which in years before included Luca Toni,Stevan Jovetic,Juan Cuardado and most notably Roberto Baggio whose transfer to Juventus in 1990 caused riots on the streets of Florence.As summer goes by there is a state of alert in Da Vinci’s city with the viola experiencing turmoil again and till the start of the new Serie A season there is just a month left,with that the viola are cruising through the summer with their best players leaving and yet bringing few if not any reinforcements which will mean the club will have to fight for survival next season and get a new ownership with a fresh financial injection which will hopefully bring a much needed long term stability.


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