Is the Serie A making a comeback as Europe’s top league?


There is a month left until the new Serie A season,but the question is the Serie A making a comeback as Europe’s top league?And seeing by the transfer window this summer there is hope that we are getting a more exciting Serie A season than in recent years.And there are many reasons why.Back in the 1990s the Serie A was the football version of the NBA.Never before the Serie A was so competent like in the 1990s and by far it was Europe’s top football league.Italian clubs back then were much more competitive and the Serie A was known to launch new football clubs into the map of Europe starting with Sapmdoria which in the late 1980s and early 1990s under legendary Serbian coach Vujadin Boskov and the Gemelli di gol-Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Mancini were on the top of Italian football for the first part of the 1990s until Mancini and Vialli left the club.However it were the big three from the North to dictate the Serie A-Milan,Inter and Juventus.The Milan clubs were big spenders with wealthy financiers in Silvo Berlusconi and Massimo Moratti who built dream teams.In the early 1990s both Milan clubs were known of bringing stars from the Netherlands and Germany with the rossoneri bringing the Dutch trio of Gullit,Rijakaard and Van Basten,while the nerazzurri brought Klinsmann,Matthaus and Brehme.That represented a rivalry between the two Milan clubs which was seen in the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy especially during the match between West Germany and the Netherlands where players from both Milan clubs were featured in the match.Also besides Sampdoria which was the surprise club from the early 1990s,the Serie A launched two more surprise clubs into the European map-Parma and Fiorentina.While the viola didn’t won any European trophy they did become one of cult clubs outside Italy with the Batistuta-Rui Costa combination which tore defences apart and made spectacular results both in Italy and in Europe and they won two Coppa Italia trophies with forays in European competitions.Parma on the other hand was Italy’s surprise club of the 1990s.The gialloblu won three European trophies and a powerful squad which consisted names like Buffon,Chiesa,Crespo,Veron,Stanic,Cannavaro,Brolin,Asprilla,Zola and many other was the club phenomenon of the 1990s besides they were close in numerous occasions of winning the Serie A title but they never did.As the 1990s progressed Italian clubs were the most powerful than ever before the rossoneri had the dream team of Maldini,Boban,Savicevic,Weah,Simone,Baggio (who played for Fiorentina and Juventus),Costacurta,Baresi and Bierhoff.In total the rossoneri have won 5 Serie A titles,3 Supercoppa Italiana and 2 UEFA Champions League titles.The 1990s were truly a golden era for the rossoneri.On the other hand for their city rivals,the nerazzurri the 1990s were a period of lavish spending and a lot of misses,besides that Il fenomeno Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima was brought by Massimo Moratti for a world transfer record and only brought them a UEFA Cup title in 1998 with earlier successes in the UEFA Cup in 1991 and 1994.The real rival to the Milan clubs was Juventus and the bianconeri were the rossoneri’s biggest rivals of the 1990s with their own team of stars which consisted of Jugovic,Vialli,Ravanelli,Del Piero,Conte,Sousa,Zidane,Inzaghi,Davids and countless others,by far it was the bianconeri’s successful decade in Europe where they won the UEFA Champions League and reached a final in Munich against Borussia Dortmund which they lost.The 1990s were the most successful decade of the Serie A where Italian clubs for six consecutive seasons have reached the final of the UEFA Champions League,dominated the UEFA Cup by winning on seven occations during the decade,signed world class players and brought millions of fans across the world to love the Serie A and Italian football in general.With the new millienium all that waned,too many clubs have gone bankrupt and financial problems have appeared in the Milan clubs as well with that the Serie A has waned in quality so is Italian football in general.However the football NBA has encouraging signs that it is returning back to prominence,just one needs to look the situation this summer at AC Milan which has bought a complete new squad and has new wealthy financial backers from China and many clubs are planning to build new stadiums to keep with modern stadium infrastructure in other football leagues across Western Europe.One can hope that the football NBA of the Serie A is making a comeback but we hope it will happen very soon.


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