Legendary Shirts:Denmark

denmark danemark 1986 coupe du monde world cup shirt mexico 86

In the summer of 1986 the FIFA World Cup was held in Mexico brought the debut of a new national team which was rising that time in Europe and came from Scandinavia which would be Denmark.In their debut World Cup the red-whites which featured of a squad which consisted of names such as Preben Elkjaer Larsen and Michael Laudrup which played in Italy respectively for Verona and Juventus and with German coach Sepp Piontek would surpsingly win their group which consisted of Uruguay,Scotland and West Germany.First the red-whites would beat Scotland led then on the bench by Alex Ferguson by a single goal,then they crushed Uruguay 6-1 in their second group match and in their third group match the red-whites surprisingly defeated West Germany which was one of the favorites to win the tournament and which on its squad had the names of Voller,Rummenigge,Augenthaler,Matthaus,Magath,Littbarski and others.The red-whites shook the Elf by defeating them 2-0 and won their group.However the red-whites would be heavily defeated by Spain in the round of 16,nevertheless they left a good impression at the World Cup in Mexico and it was a sign of things to come.And it came six years later in the summer of 92 when the European Championships were hosted in neighbouring Sweden.With Yugoslavia kicked out from the tournament due to the war,Denmark was reinvited to the tournament and became one of the most sensational stories of 20th Century European football when on the soil of its neighbour became a sensational winner of the 1992 UEFA European Championships besides having the most shortest period of preparation with most of its players on the beach,but with teamwork and a strong character they won their first only and to date European Championship.In the years and decades that followed the red-whites didn’t had so much success but are looking to reenter the football scene after so many years being in the wilderness,but two summers have launched Danish football into the World and European football map as a team which pulled surprise results and their 1986 shirt worn at the World Cup in Mexico became a must have for collectors across the World.


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