Old Football Grounds:Boothferry Park


Boothferry Park is te former ground of Hull City and it was their home ground from 1946 to 2002 when the club moved to the KC Stadium which is their new modern home ground.The history of Boothferry Park is traced back to 1929 when the club sought to build a new stadium,however due to severe financial difficulties the building of Boothferry Park was halted numerous times.In 1939 a plan for a sports stadium was a catalyst to build Boothferry Park and with the help of the FA which gave a 6600 Pound loan Hull City began to build Boothferry Park which had to be ready for the 1941 season.Unfortunately WWII has again stalled the construction of Boothferry Park and the ground was used by the Home Guard ad for a period to repair tanks.As building material became scarce in the first post-War years,Hull City was forced to play its matches at The Boulevard which was the home of the rugby league club Hull FC.However in August 1946 after 17 long years Boothferry Park was opened besides it was a race against time to open in the first match against Linvoln City and by 1948 attendance at Boothferry Park peaked at 40000 when Middlesborough played the Tigers in the FA Cup,however the record attendance at the stadium remains t this day when Manchester United played he Tigers in February 1949 when 55000 spectators watched the match between the two clubs.Also the stadium had its own railway station-The Boothferry Halt which opened in January 1951.New lights at the stadium were used for the first time in 1964,while in 1965 the South Stand was built,however the crisis in the British economy against has salled further development besides in 1979 there were plans to build a supermarket and leisure complex on the car park.In 1991 a decade before the closure of the stadium,Boothferry Park went through major refurbishment which set the capacity at 15,150 and besides major redevelopment projects conitnued through the 1990s,Hull City began to explore options to build a new stadium in 1997 and in 2002 after 56 years Hull City moved to the ultramodern KCOM Stadium which also became the new home of the rugby league club Hull FC.Meanwhile until 2007 Boothferry Park was used by the Supermarket chain Iceland and in 2008 the demolitions of the stadium began while in 2010 Boothferry Park was finally demolished.


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